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Updated: List of Dark Net Markets (Tor & I2P)

Last update: 5.8.18
Listing: ~26 Live Markets & Vendor Shops!
See the most recent changes in the Changelog

Welcome to our Updated List of Dark Net Markets! Can our list be Improved? Found any broken links? Let us know in the comments!

  • The list is always free of phishing links!
  • Check out these Best Bitcoin Casinos!
  • Every link is checked, browsed, registered and manually logged to verify its authenticity. Please double check if you are unsure of a link’s validity.
  • Links in the comments are NOT verified in any way.
  • Don’t be lazy! Do your research before using any dark net market. Check out the markets forum, the market sub-reddit, and be sure to look for information at:
    – Our DarkNet Markets Comparison Chart
    – Dread or DNMAvengers forums.
  • Use your common sense and consider every market as a potential scam. NEVER store coins on the sites; do not trust on-site escrows and always Use PGP!!!
  • Read and understand: Market & Vendor Shops Listing Rules, Rules for Posting Market Reviews.

PRIVACY TIP FOR DEEP WEB USERS: Use a VPN with Tor. Don’t fall into a false sense of security by believing that Tor is enough to protect you. If you want the very best anonymity and privacy while on the Deep Web then you need to be using a VPN with Tor. It is an extremely valuable tool in your fight for anonymity. Click here to find the best VPN for privacy on the Deep Web.

Invite / Referral Only markets

This category is for markets that require an invite code or a referral link in order to register. We have included valid links that will enable registration. Please note: safety is not guaranteed! For the highest level of security, use multisig markets.

4.11 (23 reviews)
Sub Dread:

Multisig market + Direct Deal Function inside market. Only for Trusted vendors.

3.85 (26 reviews)
Marketplace Forum Url:
Sub Dread:

MultiSig Market, supports BTC & XMR  –  Was banned because of this incident, now listed back again and promised to avoid similar behaviour in the future.

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Multisig or Trusted

This category is for dark net markets that utilize multisig transactions, or those that have displayed great conduct over a long period of time—with no security issues, minimal reports about scamming or technical issues, and administrators that have proven their competency. Usage guides for multisig transactions on the various dark net markets can be found here.

4.13 (15 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Market for cannabis products only, By this it want to distance this marketplace explicitly from illegal and
highly dangerous drugs. For non US buyers and sellers.

4.11 (23 reviews)
Sub Dread:

Multisig market + Direct Deal Function inside market. Only for Trusted vendors.

3.85 (26 reviews)
Marketplace Forum Url:
Sub Dread:

MultiSig Market, supports BTC & XMR  –  Was banned because of this incident, now listed back again and promised to avoid similar behaviour in the future.

4.69 (68 reviews)
Marketplace url:
Sub Dread:

The Cannabis Growers and Merchants Cooperative (CGMC) is a private, invite-only marketplace. Since June 2016,  they have been offering the finest in cannabis products and mushrooms to our members. Co-op vendors are carefully screened so our vendors are the best on the darknet.

3.78 (165 reviews)
Sub Dread:

Don’t recognize the market link you see here?  READ THIS NOW

T•chka (Rebranded as Point Marketplace_ allows you to buy and sell your stuff instantly. And you don’t have to communicate with other party at all. Buy or sell coordinates of your buried treasures. Finalize the trade only if you are satisfied with your purchase, or get your money back otherwise. Rate & review your purchases and sellers.
Tochka is now a referral market – a referral is included in the market url above.

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Escrow Markets

Markets using regular escrow & FE (Finalize Early).

3.67 (67 reviews)
Marketplace url:
Marketplace Forum Url:

Escrow market with direct deposits without wallet.

3.50 (13 reviews)
Marketplace Forum Url:
Sub Dread:

Forum for Psychedelics, No fees , No wallets and P2P transactions.

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Vendors Shops

These sites are not markets, they are individual vendors who operate their own sites. Since its harder to find reliable reviews for most of these vendor shops, use your judgment before making any purchases.

4.25 (42 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Old time vendor active on several markets selling Psychedelics & Others.

3.19 (18 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Vendor on Alphabay, Dream and previous markets – selling opioids.

3.87 (164 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Old vendor from Silk Road 1, 2 , Agora, Evolution, Abraxas, Middle Earth & Valhalla – We welcome everyone to the largest online coffeshop in the world.

4.06 (9 reviews)
Marketplace url:

RechardSport is professional wholesaler in China, specialized in sportwear. With rapid growth, we are expanding our business to luxury merchandise. We are one-stop-shop now!

3.33 (3 reviews)
Marketplace url:

The Private vendor shop of JesusOfRave – Old time vendor selling LSD & MDMA.

3.90 (178 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Vendor from Middle Earth – Selling Cannabis Products

3.83 (15 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Old time vendor since 2012 selling multiple products

4.57 (84 reviews)
Marketplace url:

UK Darknet cocaine vendo – Operating on the following markets: Abraxas,Alphabay,Crypto and Dream

Opened his own vendor shop.

4.01 (85 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Vendor of psychedelic substances since SR1. Star rated by LSD Avengers community.

3.58 (99 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Vendor shop from Mr Nice Guy or Nucleus – Selling H, XTC , Meth etc..

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Markets For Specific Languages / Countries

Dark net markets that are in languages other than English or are targeted at specific countries.

3.71 (14 reviews)
Marketplace url:

O Mercado Negro é uma iniciativa que uniu brasileiros e holandeses visando a liberdade pessoal de bens de consumo.
Desenvolvido em uma das plataformas mais seguras conceituadas do mundo, visando segurança, facilidade e usabilidade.
Usar Monero – um forma de pagamento é 100% segura e irrastreável.

3.09 (45 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Market / Forum in Italian

4.13 (74 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Russian Market

2.38 (45 reviews)
Marketplace url:

French market

4.39 (19 reviews)
Marketplace url:

WayAway, Russian marketplace, who moved to Tor.  Active since 2009.

2.68 (226 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Italian forum & Market

2.67 (6 reviews)
Marketplace url:

RuTOR – Russian onion forum

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Misc Links

Shared Coin: https://sharedcoin.com/
provides privacy for your transactions by combining your transaction with other people’s.

Grams Helix: http://grams7enufi7jmdl.onion.market/helix
Bitcoin cleaning service – doesn’t just mix your bitcoins it gives you brand new ones.

Bitcoin Blender – BitBlender: http://bitblendervrfkzr.onion.market/?r=29404
Bitcoin cleaning service

Bitrated: https://www.bitrated.com/
Open Source Multisig solution

All Market Vendor directory: http://directory4iisquf.onion.market

Vendor PGP key Search: http://lbnugoq5na3mzkgv.onion.market

Coinmixer.io:  https://bitmixer.io/
Bitcoins mixer and tumbling service

Bitlaunder: http://app.bitlaundry.com/
Bitcoins mixer and tumbling service

Dead / Scam Markets Links

Only the latest 20 dead or scam links are listed here. Click on the category to view the rest.

Trishula Market.jpg
0.50 (1 review)
Marketplace url:

Hacked – Brazillian Market in portugese

4.01 (35 reviews)
Marketplace Forum Url:

Down from unknown reason – REMOVED – Don’t recognize the market link you see here?  READ THIS NOW

Libertas is a market for long standing reputable vendors.  Offering transactions only in Monero

3.89 (63 reviews)
Marketplace Forum Url:


Don’t recognize the market link you see here?  READ THIS NOW

Market with Multisg and support for BTC and Monero.


5.00 (1 review)
Marketplace url:
Marketplace Forum Url:

Hacked and removed – A Multisig market & forum

5.00 (1 review)
Marketplace url:
Marketplace Forum Url:

Hacked and removed – Market and vendor shops hosting service with dedicated domains, direct BTC deposits (no wallets) and low commissions.

3.76 (19 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Down from unknown Reason – New Escrow market, direct deposits (no wallet)

Marketplace url:

Removed due to being down for prolonged period of time (not long after being launched) – General market, offers multisig transactions.

5.00 (1 review)
Marketplace url:

Down from unknown reason – Vendor shop of the vendor DeepStatus from Alphabay, Dream Market, Hansa Market, Outlaw Market, Silk Road 3.0 & Valhalla – Selling Coke and MDMA

2.43 (7 reviews)
Marketplace url:
Marketplace Forum Url:

Down from unknown reason – French marketplac, formerly known as “Leboncoin” and rebranded, has an englisg version here: blackdeal6o3uta5.onion.market

Marketplace url:
Marketplace Forum Url:

Down from unknown reason – General market offering 2-of-3 Multi-signature, Multi-Currency, Bip32 public keys  and other features

5.00 (10 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Down from unknown Reason –MUSHBUD that had been servicing the DNM Scene since the original Silk Road, as well as SR2, Sheep, BMR, Agora & briefly at Abraxas.You can verify the PGP  (as well as read hundreds of my positive reviews) at GRAMS info Desk. Selling weed and psychedelics

4.29 (14 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Site was shut down – Your first step into the world of Darknet. Come to learn and come to chat. Discussion forum about all the Darkweb markets related topics.

3.75 (14 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Down from unknown reason – Escrow and multisig market, according to the admin, based on an improved version of the Evolution clone script

0.50 (1 review)
Marketplace url:

Was taken down due to some security issue – Traditional escrow market.

3.56 (18 reviews)
Marketplace url:

Down from unknown Reason – “Yourdrug is consisted of a small team of experienced individuals who have been in this business for years, to continue our growth we have decided to expand our business on the Darknet Markets. We have always been providing our local customers with the best quality at a fair market price, we only sell what the customer wants and expects. Privacy and discretion has always been our number one priority and this will remain like this. We deliver products to personal users and resellers, both will have the same priority in regard of shipping time, packaging methods and privacy.”

Vending on Alphabay and Dream

Marketplace url:

Removed to owner request – Market for buying and selling access to hacked sites (webshells) PekarMarket. The service works as a market for buying and selling access to sites (webshells) with a choice of a large number of parameters. Market is in Russian and English version.

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  1. You should also consider listing this Dutch site, lots of pills, weed, etc.


  2. You missed The BlackBox Market. It does secret listings and uses some heavy security.


    They have a profile here that explains how the system works:


  3. RoadSilk is missed on the list.
    It already has over 100 products and started like 2 weeks ago


  4. Another one bites the dust, Pandora has shut down.

  5. Logo: rabbittorvr74veg.onion.market/images/logo73.jpg
    hi, I’m one of the developers white rabbit marketplace.
    Can change the about WRM:
    White rabbit marketplace URL: Tor: rabbittorvr74veg.onion.market I2p: wrmarket.i2p
    Forum: Tor: rabbittorvr74veg.union/forum I2p: wrmarket.i2p/forum
    Sub Reddit: reddit.com/r/wrmarketplace
    Notes: Your description

  6. anyone else having problems accesing silkroad2 now? comes up with error

  7. NL growers & NL ravers are both scams tested the water & got let down by both sites !

    • Dashton

      NLGrowers is a scam. Placed an order and it did not happen, can’t withdraw the change, the account-wallet only receives it doesn’t send out.

      • Yeah I’m stuck now, I realised they’re a scam only after I put 0.16 bit coins into my wallet, and now I can’t withdraw.

      • Re NL Growers i have no idea why their link is still displayed on the hidden wiki if they already had this wallet issue in 2013.
        Neither completing an order nor retransferring btc back from their onewaywallet is possible. The whole site is extremely slow and no chance of sending a message. Just a note , messaging would be enabled after the first purchase.
        Smells like scam.
        Still hope it isn’t even though I have tested it only with their minimum order amount of 50eur.
        Still a waste of time.

  8. ***SCAM*** BitPharma ***SCAM***

    This is their url:


    You can’t order less than 150 euros,

    After order, the message will show “1” and inside:

    “Due to too large message volume only our customers who have already bought from us will be able to use this message function.
    If you want to talk to us, please make an order first. We always reply to people who made a purchase within 12-24 hours!
    If you have questions about the site, delivery etc check our info page. For questions on how to buy bitcoins we recommend you check en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Trade and bitcointalk.org/”.

    I ordered on 17.12.2013 and today is 7.1.2013 (that’s 21 days).

    No one contacted me up until today.

    They say they ship from Germany and France (and I’m from one of them) – so it’s way beyond reasonable time.

    Under the “View Orders” page, it will always stay on “In Progress”.

    When you try to withdraw, you can’t – but it will say:

    “Bitcoins sent successfully.”

    Up until today, I never got nothing (and the balance stays the same on their site).


  9. Reliable and professional Irish cannabis vending site, The Green Emerald Coffeeshop:

  10. Doge Road URL: dogeroadiqt6olb6.onion.market Forum: dogeroadqmu2yzcg.onion.market (based on DogeCoin?!)

    Pretty sure it’s a joke site. You can’t register, there’s no one selling on it, and some of the data seems to be hardwired (look at the exchange rate).

    • Thank you for the input Gwern, we are indeed keeping and eye out on this site (and the rest in the non-reviewed list), and if it will be turned out to be a joke, it will be remove pretty soon :)

  11. Can anyone tell me if pandora is gone as scam or just down. Haven’t been able to access since 3 days ago

  12. I just wanted to inform you, that RoadSilk has changed they marketplace logo.

  13. Hey can anyone tell me whats up with SR 2 currently. I get an error that says that the page couldnt be loaded. I know my credentials are correct because I have tried it multiple times and made sure I typed it in correct. I have Tor on and tor browser going too. Anyone?

  14. TheKingSilkroad@mailinator.com

    SR is running and fine, a few issues but there is allot of BS going on, alot of scamming etc..

    Personally im using Blue sky and Pandora for now..

  15. Thanks for this dark net markets list! best on the internet by far.

  16. Hey anyone know any website I can go on get pills? I cant access silkroad and I cant get to agora can anyone please email me help me out thanks

  17. All of the links are telling me that the page cannot be displayed.

    • carteldelnorte

      You need to download and install the tor browser bundle to access .onion.market sites, a regular clearnrt browser won’t do it, I’m assuming this is why your not able to access any of the hidden sites. Another option which I HIGHLY advise against is using tor2web, it will allow you to access .onion.market sites BUT you have NO protection and everyone can see who and where you are real world. Only reason I mention it is as a “what not to do” mention. Go to “thetorproject.org” and download tor browser and surf the darknet properly! Happy travels! Be safe!

  18. Professional Money Market \ paypal accounts \

    32cufe(Warning: Use at your own risk!)7l5nr4sypx.onion.market

  19. I want to know if this page is legal or a scammer.
    I’m thinking of ordering.

    slwc4j5w(Warning: Use at your own risk!)kn3yyo5j.onion.market/index.html

  20. Disappointed with Area51. Placed an order and transferred the coins via a mixing service, as usual. After several days, the payment still doesn’t show up. Sent multiple messages to Area51 support and to the vendor. No reply. There is no feature to see sent messages so I can’t check if the system even saved and transmitted the message. Will never buy there again. 0 stars.

  21. I have been scammed by almost every “legit” vendor from darkwiki.. and i dont understand how those people make it to darkwiki frontpage… Anyway i found this post and remembered my beginings.. talked with my vendor and he approved that i can share his conntact here. So if anyone need legit vendor for CCs with PINs write me a mail on {Redacted} and i will give you his conntact. He is not cheap but at least its real.

  22. Forgot to post link:) hsg{Some Scam}q4lqaw4hmtmpe.onion.market
    Verified marketplace which selling interesting consumer electonics, as Roomba iRobot, Parrot AR Drone, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Ultrasonic and many other.
    Advice it to everyone!

  23. Has anyone used Hack Team (hackteami3dm4tth.onion.market)? They certainly talk the talk. I asked for evidence of their ability and received it so I’ve no concern about about that, I just want to know if they’ll scam me or not.

  24. Anyone experiences with Green Road? Looks trustable to me…

  25. Could you possibly add this website to the list of marketplace gnk2cm7uofjfkbkx.onion.market they deal in small arms.

  26. Now i think ist time too add SwissShop Own Stor


    regards SS

  27. Are you kidding me?
    You are putting Mr. Nice Guy market on the trusted ones and Nucleus not?
    You must be jocking. Oh, no, your not jocking, your just fucking with customers.


  28. what is the address for “the hub” forums?

  29. Add evolution to the scamming piece of crap list, please remove it from the good list.

  30. warning narco mart admin had a heart attack and someone contacted me claiming to be his partner after i filled out a support slip on why my order went POOF on the narco mart website… he said he can’t get at the wallets the site generates but can see the order i placed(i hope its not another exit scam) and that if I wanted the order he can see I placed but never got, that I need to place an order on evo, i did, then 2 days later evo went poof… and now the gentleman wont respond to me via the form of contact we previously established… Not sure if cartel del norte really died or if this is something shady… a lot of crazyness is happening on the dark web suddenly… just know that if you place an order on narco mart, you are not going to get anything if what I was told is true, and deepdotweb.com doesn’t seem to care because I contacted them asap to let them know since I lost quite a bit of money on this, and despite originally it seeming like whoever is left to pick up the pieces wanted to continue in narco marts owners wake… now I can’t reach them and all I want to do is help others avoid losing as much money as I did, esp since it seems shit is hitting the fan hard this week for all of us… and by looking at the website you would never be able to tell that they are now defunct since it lets you place orders and gives out wallet info to deposit in… if anyone has gotten their order from narco mart website since the start of this month, plz let me know, I don’t think its really the case, but I can’t discount the fact that I could be the victim of a selective scam… especially seeing how nothing is sacred on the dark web… anyways just doing my part to help the community not lose even more money senselessly thanks for reading

  31. even agora is marked with green its still down for me !
    Unable to connect

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at agorahooawayyfoe.onion.market

    The site could be temporarily unavailable or too busy. Try again in a few moments.
    If you are unable to load any pages, check your computer’s network connection.
    If your computer or network is protected by a firewall or proxy, make sure that Tor Browser is permitted to access the Web.

    Any suggestion pls ?

  32. I must have tried every single link to every single market that should still be active, and absolutely nothing works, including Agora. Even the TOR mail service Sigaint appears to be down. Something smells very fishy about all of this.

  33. I dont know, for me other markets are working only agora appers down!! It must be something going on :/

  34. They work fine now. Nucleus appears to be very stable and nicely designed. Hope more vendors will move there from Evolution, as some good offers are still lacking.

  35. New Russian marketplace RuTor on the basis of the forum. In transactions of the warranty. xuytcbrwbxbxwnbu.onion.market/

  36. guy’s i need to sell some creditcard’s any1 have a Well trushed site that kind of stuff?

  37. All these markwets are the same welcome CRAVE. CRAVE is a new kind of digital platform with currency marketplace and exchange built into the blockchain. now all this will fall to the side and CRAVE will reign supreme

  38. For all my customers who cant reach me on agora or any of the other markets, I have my new personal market up.

    Speed, Acetyl Fentanyl, Xanax, Viagra, Adderall and more all shipped from Canada to worldwide.

    I’m an established 3-year vendor and I take care of my customers. Check out Sunshine Mart!
    Contact me on Wickr anytime.
    see you at the ‘Mart!



  39. swissshop scamming?


    anybody has experience with them?
    no answers and they are deleting comments
    no delievering after weeks

  40. chidoufuhaochide

    Hey guys, what about the GREENDROAD?!
    I found this market with a huge offer, but didn’t dare to try because I didn’t find reliable feedbacks.
    strange is also, that i sent some msg to some vendors asking questions (to check whether they exist or not) but i have since 10 days no answer of none of them. Someone has experiences?

  41. RiflesandPistols

    (Warning all gun shop until today have been proven to be either Scam or LE) au4rxdo57jdnzbtq.onion.market

  42. you should add anarchia market too, its a interesting project

    Darknet Domains:


  43. where can i review/rate anarchia? bought something there from a vendor and cant find the site to rate it.

  44. Havana and Absolem are the same market, having two sections for them is misleading. Same database, same server, same everything just two templates.

    Also they are pretty much dead after being caught shilling and scamming a hacker.

  45. Where can i buy a CCS?

    MRFungi is fake
    Cloned card crew is fake

    • aidzoscricket

      Is mr fungi scam for def?..

    • They’re all fake. I’ve been scammed a couple times and so have my friends. Don’t take my word for it, just use common sense. They would be using them themselves, not to “help the unfortunate”. I went through Mr. Fungi, TQC, PayPal Center, and got scammed. Even the wallets on the hidden wiki are fake. Once you deposit btc, they freeze your account. Hidden wiki is probably paid by these folks so they remain on the list. Don’t be fooled.

  46. On what planet is Agora at 70% uptime and BB at 79% uptime? BB has downtime of a few days over the last six months. Agora has uptime of a few days each week. Your stats are bullshit

  47. A COUPLE WEEKS AGO I GT MASSIVLY SCAMMED BY THE FAKE MARKET GREENROAD. ITS THE FIRST TIME GETTING RIPPED OFF ON THE DARKNET MARKETPLACE. AND AMMWARNING PEOPLE AGAISNT THIS ONE. normally i am extremly careful, but i got careless i guess. and am in th proccess of trying to recover any funds i can. dont let this happen to you. any donations to help me get back on my feet are welcome. happy shopping people and be careful. 18stR4tihEXnh76Vcx8QVY3WyUKmcfuS9s

    wallet_address: “18stR4tihEXnh76Vcx8QVY3WyUKmcfuS9s”
    , currency: “bitcoin”
    , counter: “count”
    , alignment: “bl”
    , qrcode: true
    , auto_show: false
    , lbl_button: “Donate”
    , lbl_address: “My Bitcoin Address:”
    , lbl_count: “donations”
    , lbl_amount: “BTC”

  48. With various big DN marketplaces down (Blackbank / Agora / MiddleEarth etc) I can recommend these guys in the meantime, the prices are pretty cheap, stuffs unbelievable quality (I’ve only tried the Strawberry Cough and Girl Scout Cookies, the Girl Scout Cookies is amazing, first time I’ve ever tried it.)
    The website offers an account where you can track your order status, though you can just order as a guest if you’re worried about your privacy.
    Give them a try and I bet you won’t be using one of the big sites again for your smoking needs!


  50. hey guys, can any of you refer me to a good hacker?
    i want to hire one, but theres just too many scams everywhere.
    anyone happy to help , welcome

  51. Advices, You can find unbelievable prices at Bloomsfield marketplace and all reviews seems to be true.

  52. Tried Tochka. Facilities at height, high-quality design interface, responsive support.

  53. DO you know a guns sailer who shipped in french?? thanks

  54. hello

    i will like to have access to zdfvqospmrbvzdn3.onion.market, i will appreciate if anyone could help me gain access and also registration


  55. The links to register on MR NICE GUY are not working. They take you to a login page with no option to register.


  56. Check automated PayPal market 24/7

  57. En Wise Look THC, vendemos cogollos de marihuana de muy buena calidad y precio, de manera simple, segura y anónima.
    Envíos a toda la Argentina.Solo aceptamos bitcoins.
    Los envíos son gratis utilizando OCA Express Pak.

    In Wise Look THC, sell marijuana buds very good quality and price, simply, safely and anonymously.
    Shipments to the Argentina.Only accept bitcoins.
    Shipments are free using OCA Express Pak.

  58. fwldhxnod3gefypa.onion.market

    We are team of sellers and coders who sell Pure MDMA we have been active
    on SR1 and EVO before they went down and are happy to introduce our humble
    store to onion land

    All our products are Ez tested and enjoyed all around holland All colors
    and shapes are available here just pm the type you desire will aquire and
    sell it to you.

    Happy raving !!!
    You can Alternatively find us on Alphabay we are actively vending there

  59. Check this market 7drmqhrkrux5piha.onion.market/

  60. Guys come to this market its really nice it have Users protection , Regular and Multisig escrow !
    They wait for deepdotweb approve ( deepdot please go read your mails ) , have a look

    url : 25cs4ammearqrw4e.onion.market/market/index.php


  62. Wide selection of LED grow lights:

    Accept BTC, LTC and credit card.

  63. What happen to /r/DarkNetMarkets/comments/3j806j/introducing_bloomsfield_marketplace/ ? Why is out of your list ? hmm ? (I do not stop asking until I get reasonable answer) …

  64. anyone know sites about selling PP account and CC (trusty)?

  65. What happens if i do everything right, make an order of “enough quantity” (not much tho) to give me trouble with LE and my order gets caught? I want to make my 1st order from a market and im studying everything for some time but i have this doubt, can i get in trouble if my package gets caught? Also is it normal to get the order throw the mail box at home or do i need to go get it to the post office and sign for it? The vendor i’m interested in buying from says it fits on mail boxes like a letter with a cd case inside or something but i don’t want to sign for anything (i have read in some guides saying to “never sign for a package”). I’m from west europe and penalties with drugs are pretty low, i guess if it was in US i would have problems for sure but here idk. I’m still a little confused about all this, if there isn’t anything linking me to the deal except my name on the intercepted order what would happen? Someone could send it to me without my knowledge… Please someone answer me, i know everything to do it right except idk what happens if it goes wrong.

  66. The best pollen Ketama available on cryptomarket and also on my own

    Link to vendorshop MaghrebHashish

  67. Am looking to buy some KCN (potassium cyanide).

    If anyone can help me obtain some i would be grateful – I already tried one website before and was scammed. All i need is some KCN so if you know of a place (LEGIT PLACE NO SCAMS) let me know thanks.


  69. Middle Earth Market down. Still shows green on deepdotwew.

    “We are upgrading our security systems. Sorry for the inconvenience.”


  70. Hi does some know if agro is still offline?

  71. Weapon vendor real guns no armory

    bullshit: -Rifles
    -Semi automatic rifles

    My vendor shop link

    Cryptomarket link

  72. BitPharma is a complete SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Once you deposit bitcoins, you can’t get it back out. The “minimum” they claim won’t even allow you to CHECKOUT. They want to trick you into depositing more. Once I saw that it looked shady, I tried to transfer my bitcoins back out, but of course it says it was “successful”, but nothing ever was transffered. Fortunately I only lost a small amount of money, but these crooks should be stopped.

  73. somebody know forum or onion website where i can register myself to sell some drugs in canada contry?

  74. Hallo ich bin aus Deutschland,

    ich hatte Bitcoins im Agora Markt.
    BTC: 0.24088468 oder noch mehr Bitcoins
    Wallet: 1NjJJm4jqA6FRfxaV5QZD7gCzzwxNWaT42
    Agora Markt ist mit meinen Bitcoins verschwunden.

    Dann hatte ich weniger Bitcoins in Abraxas.
    BTC: 0.10000000
    Wallet: 14F8bpC9yWsrivj7zgLLLtBqHUAZfm4QEF
    Abraxas ist auch mit meinen Bitcoins verschwunden.

    Ich wollte zu Weihnachten und Silvester nur eine Kleinigkeit,
    für eine kleine Party. Nur 1 g Speed Sulfat!

    Ich will nicht schon wieder Bitcoins kaufen müssen und
    in Alpha Bay bestellen müssen. Weil in meinen Wallets
    auf Agora und Abraxas noch Bitcoins sind! Wer kann mir helfen?


    Hello, I am from Germany,

    I had Bitcoins in Agora market.
    BTC: 0.24088468 or more Bitcoins
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    Agora market has disappeared with my Bitcoins.

    Then I had less Bitcoins in Abraxas.
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    I will not again have to buy Bitcoins and must order
    in Alpha Bay. Because in my wallet on Agora and Abraxas
    are still Bitcoins! Who can help me?

  75. Seems sites listed on hidden wiki are mostly scammers, including GREEN ROAD. Sounds like it’s a direct clone of silk road with clever feedback updated constantly. It’s very enticing but don’t risk it. Look up a market place on reddit before moving forward.

  76. Seller of 90% pure cocaine made from coke leaves we are looking to build a
    customer base on alphabay.
    We are only satisfied when you are satisfied with the product.

    We can ship to all countries in the world,Our main goal is to provide the
    best quality coke for resellers, vendors or any bulk buyer at a reasonable

    Our Vendorshop link



  77. Can you please include a Total of market users for each market so we can better judge where the populis is heading too,or staying away from

  78. Can anyone give me a link to Middle Earth? Thanks

  79. 7exrd3euicrmrktu.onion.market/ this is a German/English Fraud Market

  80. LOW BALANCE CARDS cheap and easy on the hidden wiki are also scammers geesh for a minute i thought this was awesome best of crooks helping the less fortunate crooks whats the point of the dark web if they a bunch of scammers never trusting no store on there very dissapointing

  81. does anyone know where i can find a pre existing business account i would be able to deposit a a large sum of a check. The check i can make out to any company or business. Please message me ASAP. I only have a relatively short window of time to be able to do this.

    -card her

  82. Anyone know of a good vendor for acetyl-fent and what website? Thanks a million

  83. yeebqjcbv7g34nu7.onion.market/ (SCAM) Weed Mag Hacker, and fraud ; for french buyers , dont go there .

  84. “Tavernix” the italian market ?

    Link please

  85. Someon know where to buy good steroids

  86. Anyone Knows where I can get fresh Cvv’s? …..all legit transactions no scams

  87. Hallo,
    suche deutschsprachige Website im Darknet/Deepweb.
    Kann mir jemand einen Tip geben?
    Gerne per Mail.

  88. Any chance of a little help DW citizens? I’m looking for a reliable source of decent heroin, preferably sending from UK or as close as possible.
    If you can please send me a lifeline it’ll be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  89. hi, wo kann ich meine Bewertung zu Bitbay und dem Vendor Online-Cannabis-King abgeben?


  90. I’m looking Fake Notes£££ English Pounds££
    i cant find anywhere pls help.

  91. Any one know where i can find a onion site selling exotic animals?

  92. I need a very powerful ransomeware to buy both windows and MAC, or if someone has and is will to share the booty 80:20 the amount is $200,000.

  93. questionforadmin

    I have a question to the ADMIN!

    Are you sure that the Vendor “soulkush” is not a scammer? Because there are 0 reviews.

    Why do you promote him?

    Looking forward to a answer,


  94. Link for romania please ?

  95. Hi I am new to this and i’ve only got an android mobile phone to use i would greatly appreciate a link i could use so i can start shopping a lost youth in Australia ty for your time guys just easy and simple would be very helpful

  96. Philippine Arms vendors

    We have hand guns up for around $650. (Berettas, Colts, H&K and The
    Steyr,. We also can do special bulk orders 10> guns or more if
    requested.Silencers are $400 extra.

    Our vendor shop link

    Cryptomarket link

  97. I’m new to alphabay market, i’m a little nervous about making orders for a few different reasons but mainly because of fear that i wont get what i order. Can anyone reassure me what sites are best to order from.

  98. hey just wanted to say that the link for the nucleus market toward the middle of the mage is not a linki whatsoever. maybe jsut make it clickable to save the people some time? Yeah? YEAH? FUCKING DO IT!

  99. hello can anyone say any gun markets that aren’t scam actually?….

  100. Ca si dezvoltator de software, personal il recomand pe Olarian. Lucreaza super repede,
    nu lasa buguri si cred ca cel mai important este ca ceea ce promite, face.
    Dezvoltare Software

  101. where to buy best quality passports?
    big order

  102. Please , put this website on the list. I buy my product from this France market. Arkania.


  103. im lookin for super notes/bills will pay for gud leads if it works out lmk

  104. I place an order with bitpharma and I deposited and tried to pay but I don’t get a bitcoin address to send it to and it never goes to the next page it just stops cold. My money is still there I just can’t get it out or buy anything???

  105. On the updated list of Markets,The dream market one I wanted to sign up for

    I clicked on the Marketplace URL : It had a warning that its a phishing site.

    not a valid link?

  106. Do anyone have goswipe new domain/link??

  107. Is tere any darknetmarket which sells softwares

  108. paradise Incoming

    How well is GammaGoblin and is there a market that is in the USA for LSD?

  109. Someone should tell these market places to adopt CloakCoin,the most user friendly, private, secure and untraceable transaction system worldwide.

  110. Whats up guys
    Can you guys recommend your favorite or best DMT vendors on alphabay. preferably in USA, but you can also mention outsiders, just be sure to mention if they are outside of United states. THANKS! -Thizzelle

  111. I need sites with deliveries to Israel someone knows

  112. Fuck all Russian market and fuck AB.

  113. The Dream Market seems to be off the air too, does anyone know what’s going on?

    • twoballcane

      Dream Market has been acting weird for days.. i placed an order for ”blue” and it was marked shipped the next day, 15 days later i had to extend FE it said approved for 10 more days, but 2 days later coins released, 32 days later still nothing, and the contact number for the seller is being ignored, and no one is responding. I NEED BLUE crystal, anyone have a reliable source that is either in mex or ships here

  114. Is there a forum or marketplace where I can find a freelancer to do a job (not hitman) more like honeytrap of the sorts? A marketplace of odd jobs, or where I can connect with people to do certain jobs?

  115. Please, tell us where can we find an updated list of dark webs

  116. i love this legit vendor on dream market call CHEMICS. o orderes 3oz of meth and was delivered to me try him out hes reliable people

  117. Dream’s acting weird?? Dream is fine for me, same comms, same everything. TradeRoute though, I got scammed by a vendor 3 weeks ago and have tried everything but everything to get a response from admins, nothing. and look at the >99% uptime.. for a dinky lil market like traderoute. im worried about that. I really appreciated the improved login security, but im done playing over there.. either theyre just really poor admins, or there are no admins (IMO)
    not trying to spread fear, just giving others heads up on what im seeing.

    • Yeach man dream is good.my vendor by name kwala is real and got real loud stuffs?

    • Aaron Johnson

      I had an encounter with the DEA and police; law enforcement.
      They can’t charge me with anything they are just the usual fascists that they are.

      The next day my DREAM ACCOUNT WAS DELETED. And Dream took my bitcoins of course. Then they found my next account and the vendor shipped but it has not arrived yet. The Vendor, like the scum they usually are when they can get away with it, does not reply.

      That means that Dream followed exactly the order of DEA. Which only means Moderators within Dream are working with DEA.

      They love pushing pharmaceuticals and opiates. They absolutely despise psychedelics and dissociatives.

      Now every time I create an account with Dream it gets deleted. Even with VPN. But of course there are other vpns and I can get around it.

      But this is clear evidence that Dream = for now LE and do their bidding to the T;

  118. Yoo my vendor kwala on dm is good

  119. There is still no proof that Traderoute won’t be back.

  120. Please add litecoin as payment. bitcoin is too slow!!!!!!

  121. Rsclub market mirror links are down… the not working

  122. is hansa market clossed.
    i can’t reach them…

  123. guys , what markets now are working ?

  124. Greetings, I have seen how after the fall of AB all the markets go up and down, maybe we will not see a market like AB, but nevertheless I would like to have a list of true suppliers, those sellers with great reputation without being scammers , I have looked for a good partner for one of my cashout businesses, it is super reliable but it is hard for me to do everything alone, I urgently need to find a good service of carding.

    • Robxane

      Greetings ORKO,
      It is quite a hard job, i wish i could help but havent got there yet. Hope you have good luck finding those suppliers.
      I am very interested, maybe count me in as a client when you manage to pull it off. Thanks


  126. I really like the styles Cheap Graham Gano Youth Jersey

  127. Empire market is new and upcoming.
    I think it should be added to the list.
    I will not add the url but if you look hard enough you will find it. When will it be added to the list

  128. BE WARNED: DutchDrugz is a scammer, XMR deposited to his site are not showing up for 48 hours now. Please remove him from this list.

  129. Regarding DutchDrugz, seems like it’s gonna be alright. They were not synced and they told me they will sync soon. Apologies.

  130. really need to update vendor fees in the comparison chart -_-
    very misleading…

  131. It’s actually a great and useful piece of information. I am glad that you just shared this helpful information with us.
    Please keep us informed like this. Thanks
    for sharing.

    Billiga fotbollströjor

  132. Touchka is a scam beware i have sent money two times in market to become vendor admin says nothing please watch out touchka is a scam they will soon exit scam with everyone’s bitcoins run away from market thanks.

  133. Does anybody know sites that have guides for getting prepaid visa’s, generated credit cards that work, CPNs or even making bank accounts with generated or so information.

  134. guys after too many research, concerning the emv sellers, there’s only one that was on alphabay soccorio , emvchipso.com is the best and all the rest are fake, do not swamp in their lies and they advertising commercial websites that attract fools.

    chipso is the long way to go with..

    • gonzalez hugan

      true, i did read about it a lot.
      there’s a lot of haters who are publishing fake reports, but no clues and not proves.

      the guy was on krebson , i think that’s clean prove that he’s great.

      will try but software price is high, can’t afford.

  135. Hi,

    If i may put my 2 cents worth. WHat ever your interested product to buy guide yourself using positive reviews and which market has the most.
    I have found this the only reliable way to feel safe and not get cheated.


  136. Any dream market from romania ?

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