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Is your VPN Legit or Shit?

Those of you who frequent the darkweb should be familiar with VPN (Virtual Private Network) services and have done some research to find a trustworthy provider. For readers who are just starting to explore the darker catacombs of the Internet a VPN is a mandatory tool for online anonymity.

But not all VPN services are created equal.

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For n00bs

A VPN provides a secure connection between your computer and the VPN servers. All communications between your computer and the VPN are encrypted and sent through a secure tunnel over the Internet, preventing outsiders from spying on your web activity. You can securely connect to a VPN service and surf the web from their servers, using their IP addresses.

There are lots of reasons to use a VPN service such as establishing a secure connection over an insecure network, accessing censored or region specific web content, or hiding p2p sharing activity that is often frowned upon in the US. But if you’ve made it to DDW you’re probably starting to understand that there are parts of the web where more nefarious things happen (which DDW acknowledges but does not condone) and anonymity is of the utmost importance.

The connection between your computer and the VPN is secure, but the connection between the VPN and the rest of the web isn’t. Your activity on the web can be monitored and traced back to the VPN IP addresses, but cannot be traced back to your own IP address. When you use a VPN no one can trace your web activity back to you (insert obligatory meme).

In theory.On the internet

For Everyone

A VPN service’s main selling points are security and privacy, but privacy is interpreted differently among VPN providers. Just ask former lulzsec member Cody Kretsinger (a.k.a. recursion), how private his VPN service was.

Kretsinger used a popular VPN called HideMyAss and engaged in activity that linked him, and his online persona “recursion,” to several high profile hacks, including unauthorized access to servers controlled by Sony Pictures. As it turns out HMA keeps logs of users’ IP addresses and logon/off times. A UK court order was issued to HMA to turn over the logs related to the offending account, which were then used to identify and arrest Kretsinger.

VPN providers can log web activity over their network, but it is more common to see VPN providers log users’ IP addresses, logon/off times and bandwidth usage. This logging activity allows providers to identify individuals abusing the service for fraud and spam, but in doing so they acquire information that can be used to identify individual users.

You can be absolutely sure if a VPN provider is pressured to cooperate with authorities and they have any information to identify you as the suspect you will be up shit creek and you will be there without a paddle. No one is going to go to jail for you.

This is why some VPN services go out of their way NOT to log any information that could possibly identify their customers. They cannot be forced to hand over incriminating information that they do not have.

The Devil is in the Details

It is mundane but it is so incredibly important when considering a VPN to read the company’s Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy, and these documents need to be in plain English not lawyer-eese. A VPN provider who legitimately cares about customers’ privacy will lay it out in black in white what information, if any, is recorded and for how long.

Good VPN providers state that they store “personal information” necessary to create an account and process a payment (for example: name, e-mail address, payment data, billing address), but state that they do NOT log users’ IP addresses, logon/off times, or bandwidth usage.

Great VPN providers go a step further to minimize the amount of “personal information” required by accepting bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, eliminating the requirement for billing information. This further insulates the user’s true identity by requiring an as little information as an e-mail address to create an account.

An honorable mention must go out to VPN provider MULLVAD who do not even require an email address. Visitors to the website click “create account” and they are given an account number without entering any information at all.

VPN Providers to Avoid

If you intend to use a VPN to hide your p2p activity on the web or go to the other side of the great virtual divide we recommend that you steer clear of these VPN providers. We want to be fair, VPNs who make this list are not “bad” VPN providers but they do participate in logging activities that put their users at risk. These VPNs do not provide true privacy on the web.

Bad vpn Providers

Privacy Focused VPN Providers

The following is a list of ten VPN providers who openly state that they do not log any information that may be used to identify anyone using their VPN service. To be considered as a privacy focused VPN provider the service must have the following qualifications:

  1. Does NOT log any information that could be used to identify the user.
  2. Requires minimal personal information to sign up.
  3. Accepts cryptocurrency.

You will note that there are VPN providers based in the USA on this list. It is a common misconception that US VPN services are legally required to log activity on their network. This simply isn’t true, but they are still required to cooperate with US law enforcement while other countries are not. Required cooperation is partly the reason they dutifully do not log activity on their networks. These companies cannot be held liable for withholding information they do not have. Choosing a VPN service, and which country it is based in, is up to you, but we do not want to discourage people from supporting small businesses in the US based on hearsay

Anyone concerned with their privacy for any reason should consider one of the following VPN services. As a DDW Disclaimer: You shouldn’t rely on a VPN provider to protect you from the authorities. It’s really best if the authorities don’t have a reason to be looking for you at all.

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Best Vpn Providers


  1. I would not suggest a canadian vpn as there are laws coming into place requiring all vpns and isp to log customer details for a period of no less than 6 months.

    • Seriously? One might not no scheist about vpn etc. But one can count on the relentless rap on the door from your big friend

    • I run VPN services in Canada with an official policy of ‘we don’t give a rats ass about Canadian government’ and will not log nor respond to government requests. Good luck with that.

      • Good for you, Canadians need to grow more balls and learn to stand up to their governments. Your government is responsible to the people not the people are responsible to the government?

        Also the people of Canada need to fight tooth and nail to ELIMINATE unfair government practices such as telling you what and where ands how and what size to build your homes and over zealous taxations for their fuckups…GET ANGRY CANADA!!!!

        • pRick

          BOB; The situation here in the united states is the same. Over-taxation, taxation on the people, etc. These are acts of R.I.C.O. Educate yourself. Visit nationallibertyalliance.org to see what is being done by the peoples’ Grand Jury. Writ Quo Warranto and Writ Mandamus’s have been filed.

      • is it btguard? i love btguard, very fast and reliable.. and well priced..

    • Brnadon Markley

      Absolutely correct. I use Hong Kong based Ivacy, it also does not keep logs.

    • Im very sorry to burst ALL of your bubbles but every single one of you people are wrong and n00bs… ALL Paid VPN Services are bad with 1000+ Customers lagging the servers out so go ahead and Enjoy your So called Paid VPNs but what im going to tell you will prob be the best advice ANYONE here has gave… Buy a VPS from OVH.com Centos 6 64Bits and Install OpenVPN as it dose not Store LOGS as you OWN The VPN Server!!! Also Its Just you connected at all times so 0% Lag and Always fast speeds! Take My Advice Or leave it The Choice is Yours.

      • It isn’t the ISP that you are worried about as much as big brother. While hosting your own vps would block your home IP (which is usually protected by the ISP anyway), they can track the IP of the vps directly to you. So in my opinion, you are less protected using your own vps. Unless you are somehow able to purchase it anonymously.


          most VPNs wont do jack shit against big brother.

          • I actually had nothing but good service with PIA. They were one of the few that could get passed Craig’s List IP blockers, and often trick most sites that had more strict VPN blockers. Granted, I wasn’t doing anything sketchy, but more so because I loathe my ISP, and/or I didn’t want to run into trouble if I visited sites that looked sketchy. I often couple that with some good malware blockers.

      • I have a 300/300 mbit’s connection and can max it out on most of the european AirVPN servers. Check their status side and you can see a live view of user speeds. And AirVPN doesn’t keep any logs. It’s one of the best and most trusted VPN’s out there.

      • Wow. Purchase a vserver linked to your credentials. Really smart.

        First thing they check the VPN provider, because it’s the last trace in the chain, which is you.

        You will shit your pants sitting on your illegal darknet goods, while the cops bomb your door open with dogs and M16s to the head.

        And if you managed to rent it completely anonymous (which with OVH would probably require a complete fake identity with fake working payment data), arises the next problem: Who’s to say that OVH doesn’t store logs???
        The log settings on your own rented box suddenly do not matter at all.

      • Much better to choose a vpn that doesn’t store information, register it with tormail, and purchase with tumnbled btc.

        • Johnny Ego

          Even better than trying to tumble/obfuscate BTC is to pay with cash. And what are (IMO) the 2 best VPN’s accept it as payment… iVPN & Mullvad. I prefer iVPN because it’s multi-hop. Your ISP can see the IP address of your first hop after-all, but not the 2’nd hop. Neither keep logs of any sort either. You get a customer ID#. Write it on a piece of paper, conceal the money in it, put it in an envelope and send it to them with no return address.

          Use the servers of countries that would be unwilling to cooperate with the US. While Russia & China are tough on their own citizens, if a US resident were to use a server from their country and a 3 letter agency somehow got wise to something and asked for their help, they wouldn’t be returning that phone call. Singapore too. Sweden is another good choice. iVPN has servers in all these countries. Iceland & Netherlands can’t be trusted. It’s a good idea to try to find a bridge from one of these countries too, and TOR circuits… if I don’t like the ones I see on the list I refresh until I see what I like.

      • you’re stupid

      • You’re a dumbass. If you run the VPN yourself activity can be traced back to you as the one who purchased the servers. Dipshit.

      • why not just use tails for vpn…and everything else

      • J. Anthony Carter

        Ya’ know what? I’d probably believe you more if you knew how to write. You know… English.

      • The Catalyst

        LOLOLOL Network Engineer exrtordinaire Kill3rGh0st Modz esquire. I know the post is a year old, but..wow. I mean…Good for you sir. Thats a top-notch setup you got there. For your pearls of wisdom, we, the unthinking and unknowing, will forever be in your debt. You’re a great American. LOLOLOL, omg… I wonder where he’s at right now.

        • Whats wrong qoth Orbot and orfox. You can tunnles through Amazon Azure etc. And xh age you county every sec if you wanted. This is wbat comes with the Tor bundle ON GAURDIAN. YOU can also use Mask my Ip’ thoughts?

      • I quit reading at n00bs. Can’t that that comment seriously.

    • kburebista

      Actually there are laws coming to Canada to forbid usage of VPN or proxy services altogether. Yup, Netflix is heavily investing in lobby here (a.k.a. pumping money in the politician’s pockets) to make this happen.

      Wanna know the funny part about this? It’s the liberals doing it, those that are supposed to be more… liberal about stuff :)

      Here’s just one of the links: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/michael-geist/liberal-copyright-netflix-access_b_8753214.html

    • Same shit all over the world.Rich jerks want us to be stupid and not exchange information… forever. Thats how weapons and wars created.

    • Already does I think but the ISP will be the one you cant get past.All that shows is that you connected to a VPN and how much data travelled back and forth.

    • rekt121212121

      fuck it im gonna make my own vpn…
      cant trust nobody…

  2. No mention for cyberghost?

    • anonymous

      CyberGhost is a Romanian based corporation mostly based in germany and they dont keep logs, they where forced to hand over servers to the government but the government found nothing because they store nothing :)

      No logs… no evidence. Simple.

      • Cyberghost sucks big time and i found it 80% of the time they are waaay too sloooow, don’t waste your money or time, they have already been ransacked, NOT safe.

        TorGuard is rock solid, never had any issues.

        • Not gonna do it

          TorGuard had potential – until I looked at my portal after login and it shows my password in plain text. What kind of shit service doesn’t hash passwords? I wouldn’t use an online store that didn’t do this and I’m certainly not using a VPN service that can’t even get this right.

          Serious amateur hour.

        • Jim Losetto

          I’ve been using CyberGhost for over a year now and I like it much. Yes, the free service has been used and misused by trolls and many of the free servers have been blocked or black-listed on many websites. However, using the premium service I find it fast and very few of the servers have been black-listed.
          It’s important to note that I am not affiliated with CyberGhost in anyway other than being a paid-user.

        • Cyber.Reaper

          I want to stay off the grid… any help? Something to be invisible, or something that will generate automatically, ip addresses.. If anyone can help me out I would be most appreciated by your help :) I idealize Anonymous a lot know I won’t ever have the chance to chat with them, but sure would be cool to know at least how to stay off the grid.. Well thank you for reading :) hope I can get an answer P.S. Sorry if I am posting this in a wrong spot..

          • I used Cyberghost 1 year now. They are cheap and i never found a bad thing about them handling your date secure. They have even decent speeds. But the connection drops 3 times a day, so this isn’t something to go for me. Collecting experience with Private Internet Access now

      • willybar

        Who said that Cyberghost doesn’t track anything?? Just google “cyberghost” and “mixpanel”. I can not understand that article since it is not in english, but the log that sent by someone showed “mixpanel”. Mixpanel provides analytics similar to google analytics. So Cyberghost also tracks all of our data.

  3. @Shillster, got a link to info about the Canadian law changes? Interested to read about it.

    @Willhelm, I reviewed many more VPNs than made this list. CyberGhost doesn’t log data and does a good job to separate their payment data and user log in info, the only thing that would keep them off this list is they don’t except cryptocurrency.

    • Hey guys,

      just wanted to draw your attention that Cyberghost has implement Bitcoin payments, so cryptocurrency payments are available ;)

      • Andrea, your totally right. I just checked again and CyberGhost accepts bitcoin. It requires a different checkout process, so I missed it the first time, but they certainly do accept btc.

      • nom de plume

        I can attest that Cyber Ghost has a nice and easy user interface. I have been using the trial version and was on the verge of ordering a one year subscription when I came across this article. After reading these comments I’m definitely all in. You really do have a good product and after today a new customer.

        • Nope, cyberghost only works like 2 hours and after that: DEAD. it’s not completely dead, but it keeps failing to connect.

          Unable to connect to the proxy server/Error 130/net::ERR_PROXY_CONNECTION_FAILED

          Whean active, it can’t connect, ehan not active, it’s just useless.

          • nkryptchun

            Cyberghost is EASY to connect to.
            they say 3 hour connect but it’s more like 6 AND once it DOES disconnect you can immediately jump right back on again
            I use it and it’s been great.
            really good service.
            256 bit crypt and no DNS leak.

          • chris

            You onviously need to configure it better buddy.

    • The law was not vote. But it is worsth. We know now that canadian agency ask information to telecom company whitout ask court.


    • L James

      I was banned from using bitcoin while having torguard as my vpn due to activity that couldn’t discuss. I wouldn’t accept the notion that torguard has you covered with cryptocurrency one bit

    • willybar

      Who said that Cyberghost doesn’t track anything?? Just google “cyberghost” and “mixpanel”. I can not understand that article since it is not in english and it seems from their community forum, but the log that sent by someone showed “mixpanel”. Mixpanel provides analytics similar to google analytics. So Cyberghost also tracks all of our data.

  4. ” For readers who are just starting to explore the darker catacombs of the Internet a VPN is a mandatory tool for online anonymity.”

    How is this so ? TOR is obviously mandatory. One could argue that TAILS is mandatory but how is a VPN ? Some might say using a VPN to access TOR so your ISP doesn’t know you are on it. Is that really necessary or 100% effective though ? In some cases, using a VPN in that manner can be more of a risk. If there are reasons for being denied TOR access then you can use bridges. So, although VPN’s are nice for clearnet surfing, I hardly think they are necessary for the dark web catacombs.

    I do appreciate the list though. It is hard to find objective, honest VPN reviews. Most review sites get kickbacks.

    • Glad you liked the VPN lists! Thanks for the comment.

      Your right that using a VPN is something that is necessary across the clearnet. What were trying to teach people here is that there are lots of security threats around the interwebs, something darknet veterans and rookies are aware of more than most. We want them to implement a VPN when they are surfing the clearnet, for security and privacy protection(and fun reasons like region specific content, i hear UK netflix has a bunch of TV shows not available in the US).

      Using a VPN to download Tails and Tor will also help to protect you from ending up on a fancy NSA list. (thanks fort he reminder, Whillhelm)

      But your right about VPNs on the darknet, the grugq would agree with you. YES to Tor to VPN connections, NO to VPN to Tor connections.

      • anonisme

        Could someone please explain that again? whats the correct sequence, and whats not? i turn on my VPN and then use TOR, or I open TOR and then use a VPN?

        • Brainbuster

          I’m also confused about this.
          One commenter in another thread on this site said that either way doesn’t matter–whether you start Tor first or VPN first, you’re still “VPN over Tor.”
          (whatever ‘vpn over tor’ means…I think over means under)

          • That commenter was uninformed. There is a major difference between connecting your VPN first, and then connecting to TOR vs connecting to TOR first, and then your VPN.

            The TOR wiki has a good breakdown of the differences between the ways you can use TOR and VPN connections:

            In short, if you connect to your VPN first and then connect to TOR your ISP won’t be able to see that you are using TOR and if someone were to break TOR and track you, they would run into your VPN and would have to compromise them as well. Any activity you do will be traced back to TOR since that is the final step before reaching the internet.

            If you connect to TOR first and then your VPN, your VPN doesn’t know who you really are since the connection to them came from TOR (not your home IP). Any activity you do will be traced back to the VPN since that is the final step before reaching the internet. So as long as you paid for the VPN anonymously like with bitcoin or cash and gave fake info, it’s a dead end.

            • First Tor and then your VPN is not a good idea, because you waste your Tor anonymity. After all, to log onto your VPN (even through Tor) you have to use your credentials, which means that, even though for your VPN, the tunnel is coming from a Tor exit node, they know it is you. They don’t know what IP address you are using, but they know it is you as a customer. In as much as your VPN is not trustworthy (by compromise, by setup, or by legal armtwisting), there’s a much bigger chance of your VPN knowing who you are, than Tor. Moreover, your ISP (which is the least trustworthy of all) sees you using Tor.
              There’s something to say for this approach if you are absolutely sure you didn’t leave any trace to your VPN: your email used to make your account has no trace to you (were you using Tor when you set it up ?), your payment is untraceable (did you tumble your bitcoins before paying them ?), and you never logged on to your VPN using anything else but Tor. Only in that case is “tor first, VPN afterwards” a good idea. Because your credentials betray you when you come out of Tor.

              The other way around, first VPN, and then Tor, also has a drawback. If the VPN is fully compromised (say, it is a honeypot of the NSA) then they fully master what you send into Tor and if moreover you use a compromised exit node of Tor, you’re fully exposed, because they have your entry flow and the exit flow from Tor and they can do time-correlated identification.

              In fact, the best thing to do is two different VPN in two different jurisdictions, with Tor between them:

              you – your ISP – VPN1 – Tor – VPN2

              • Johnny Ego

                I was about to say the same thing. Not only does your ISP know you’re using TOR, but they can see the IP address it assigns you. And your ISP knows all your personal info., and would be quick to dime you out. This is why a multi-hop VPN is such a good idea too. They can see the IP address of your first hop, but not the 2’nd one.

                VPN > TOR is a much better approach. And yours is even more thorough.

            • Johnny Ego

              The problem with that is that your ISP can see that you’ve connected to TOR, and also the IP address that TOR assigns you. And your ISP knows everything about you… name, billing address, and would be quick to dime you out if pressured. VPN > TOR is a much better method, especially a multi-hop VPN. Since your ISP can see the IP address of your first connection/hop… but not the 2’nd.

              I see people talking about using a VPN with Tails though. Is that even possible?… I don’t see how you can even run any software installed on your box while running Tails, but then again I am a noob to Tails.

      • BravoBravoCharlieAlphaVagina

        I’m using Browsec. How good is it? I only need VPN to watch porn (Cus whenever I travel, some countries friggin ban internet porn!) but also because I want to watch Hulu and Netflix in countries where they can’t be shown. Realised Hulu will know if I use VPN and won’t show anything.

        Any good free VPNs?

      • Hi…thanks for all of your posts!
        I am just getting into all of this as I want to start using a vpn for movie streaming and the like but am unsure on one point…
        In order to protect my anonymity, do I need to use Tor before my chosen vpn our just install a vpn onto my Android before installing my movie provider…?
        Thanks for your time!

    • nocarrier

      Tor does not encrypt the traffic between an exit node and the destination server.. So it is a good idea to use a VPN.

  5. If you had to choose a FREE VPN service, which one is the best choice???

    • Most of these VPNs have short free trials, NORDVPN has a list of free proxy servers that you can use with free software, so that is a good option. and the cheapest is SHADEYOU VPN which is 3.95 a month of 22.99 a year (1.92 a month).

  6. @lemur the nsa is trying to monitor all tor users a vpn could help create distance if used correctly

    • Hey thanks for the support. Also looks like CyberGhost JUST implemented bitcoin support so they would make this list in the future. Good call.

      • @ Willhelm

        I think it can only help create distance, as Iburnez pointed out, using it to visit the TOR website for downloading Tor and / or TAILS. That and going TAILS —-> VPN, which I think is unnecessary unless you are a dark market admin or a top 5 % vendor (or doing something really sinister).

        But,even if you go the VPN route to download TAILS(which all dark market users should be using), your ISP will know that you are using TAILS. Unless perhaps you use bridges, but even that is no guarantee. We all know that the gov can get whatever info they want from ISP companies. Likewise they can probably figure out most bridge sites/nodes.
        Going VPN —> TOR is not a good idea based on Jolly Roger’s threads. I think, among other reasons, due to the possibility of who could be running the proxy node you would have to go through.
        Personally I think we should make TOR more known to the general public and less taboo. Then we can get more node volunteers thus increasing bandwidth as well as reducing the risk of man in the middle attacks.
        Yes, Mr agent man I use TOR because I remember a time when privacy was something sacred and not something I had to make an effort to obtain.

        • Willhelm

          @Lemur I can see your point however it was my understanding that using a vpn prevented your ISP from knowing it is tor you are connected to and also the traffic over the vpn is also encrypted by tor hence even a bad link would not be able to see any information. I can see your point about using a vpn for security being largely unnecessary. My main reason if that I don’t appreciate being added to watch lists just for liking my privacy!
          @iBurnEZ I wasn’t aware they supported bitcoin payments but cyberghost’s free service is also excellent for those on a low budget.

    • I’m new to this whole experience. How do I set up my tor browser to use a VPN? And thanks by the way. I now know what a VPN is! : )

  7. I agree about the privacy issues. I’ve been using SlickVPN and their Bitcoin payment option for a little over a year now. They have no record of my name or any personal/identifiable information and I’ve been able to use it without any decrease of speed or a single hiccup. People who don’t research what these providers are going to share about you when they’re pressured puts them in serious danger.

  8. Some shitvpns i had the misfortune of dealing with,


    incompetent barely working service, asshole support staff.

    • adding to this ……
      vpnmakers.com – no customer support – no emails answered – and now my fav… ;-) they didnt even send login details. Im still waiting on a refund from those dim f..ks.

    • Jerry Larson

      I fail to understand how you can not like Purevpn, their new dialer is awesome and support team is there to guide you each time you ping them. Plus their servers are in every region. And they’re most economical and above all not keeping logs.

  9. Believe only to your own created proxies/VPN, etc, if you can make it anonymously. Don’t believe to any provider, not even to any data center.

  10. How about blackVPN? We’re located in Hong Kong which has NO data retention laws so we can keep as little info on our customers as possible. Naturally we also accept Bitcoin!

  11. Anyone look at surfeasy in Canada?

  12. what about VIP72?

  13. FYI your info is wrong about AirVPN. There is no ip logging and have some of the highest levels of encryption out there, esp for ios.

    Bit shady your results are in a flat file that can’t be crawled.

    • iBurnEZ

      Excerpt from the AirVPN privacy policy:

      “Air servers and software procedures acquire only personal data which are strictly necessary for the technical functioning of the service, for example IP address.”


      • Info is not logged. They aren’t native English speakers. Suggest you contact them rather than doing a topical review.

      • Incognito

        They only store your IP for current sessions (you can connect up to 3 sessions at once). They have the option to store details longer if you want, but turning it off removes all data. They don’t even require a valid email address let alone any “personal info” to sign up.

    • Yeah, I don’t get why people are saying AirVPN logs IP addresses.

      As far as I understand, all VPN providers, while you’re connected to their server, have to keep track of your IP address (otherwise how will they correctly route your internet traffic to you and not another client connected to the same server?).

      But if you actually read the privacy policy linked to here, as soon as you disconnect from AirVPN, that information is deleted. That’s what not keeping logs means.

      So as far as I can tell, AirVPN’s privacy policy is just being more honest about how VPNs work. Any VPN claiming that they are not keeping track of your IP address while you’re connected to their server, I don’t think is being honest.

      • Addendum: That’s what they mean by “necessary for the technical functioning of the service” in the quote above from their privacy policy.

        And if you keep reading: “Data transmission is performed between Air servers network exclusively in order to erogate efficiently the AirVPN service. Data are deleted as soon as they are no more necessary for such purposes.”

        “Erogate” is an attempt to literally translate the Italian “erogare,” but is not really a word used in English. It just means, I believe, the technical administration of the AirVPN service or more simply in order to provide the service.

    • I lost connections from two different locations/servers on airvpn twice. It wouldnt re-connect.

  14. They all keep logs. Petraeus they are responsible since its their ip

  15. Astrill is a good VPN provider, inexpensive and a lot of options. They do not keep any user activity logs.

  16. TorGuard is double-edged sword.

    – Loads of servers and server info (current status) as premium user
    – TorGuard VPN Client = very easy to use and automatic server update on start up
    – Knowledgebase = Lots of simple to setup guides e.g. general how-to’s, proxy how-to’s, vpn how-to’s,…
    – User Support = 24/7, BUT not always helpful…

    – DNS = If you just connect with your TorGuard-Client to the internet (without extra config.), you’ll be assigned DNS from GOOGLE! = Make a test on dnsleaktest dot com and read the txt. below! Now you’ll understand how dangerous that is, especially that we are all aware about the connection = Google-NSA… = “Solution” = TG is offering “secure dns”, which you see, when you’re premium user. Bad thing about = They are the ONLY servers, which seem to be secure, so lots of users have set them up and web-browsing on clearnet is damn slow… 3-5 Mbit/s…

    = So, if you’ve know other secure dns, which are faster, there’s no reason to disdain TorGuard.

    – Located in USA = I would like to link to what the author of this article said:

    — You can be absolutely sure if a VPN provider is pressured to cooperate with authorities and they have any information to identify you as the suspect you will be up shit creek and you will be there without a paddle. No one is going to go to jail for you. —

  17. I started using Cyberghost almost a year ago. And you Can download the trial version and It never stops working. It just keeps offers for you to upgrade to pro or whatever..

    But u can DW it and use the free trial NON stop as long as you want..

    Great List btw

  18. Why SecurityKiss and AirVPN is bad? I used SecurityKiss by a long long time and its good VPN.AirVPN? its enough to configure with bridges and running Tor trough socks proxy so how can they store personal data?

  19. ivpn.net
    Based in malta, bitcoin payment, non-logging, Fastest speeds of any VPN provider I have ever used

  20. hotspot shield should be put on that stink list. They also log IPs and logon/logoff times

  21. Cyberghost5

  22. I am with Private Internet Access VPN Service
    They do not LOG & they have a great way to pay
    anonymously They accept GIFT CARDS from many leading retailers (shops) all over the world Big List on Their Site
    You just walk into the shop & buy a gift card ( No Questions Asked @ Shop so no Identity is Compromised ) then pay with it to the VPN site privateinternetaccess.com

    • Sensor747

      Hadn’t heard of this company (privateinternetaccess.com) seemingly located in Colorado. Looks like they indeed don’t keep any logs and more importantly allow pre-paid cards. AirVPN really dropped the ball when they initiated relationships with US based payment processing firms as they require all your private info to use a pre-paid card (pre-paid cards need to be registered using real info for international purchases). I also like that they have a contingency (like a self destruct button) if they are every unlawfully pressured into breaking confidentiality and would rather close up shop than betray the trust of their customers. This is how to operate!

    • Vizitor, I’ve been using Private Internet Access for a year now and while I’m encouraged they have a no-log policy, I agree with others that being a US company bound by US “laws,” PIA hasn’t earned my trust. I’ve also had a lot of speed issues (from over 50 Gbps without to 1-4 Gbps with PIA, and quite a few disconnection issues that have prompted me to contact PIA customer support. I don’t know why every time I get in touch with someone he is rushed, very rude, and unhelpful. I make it a point to be very polite when the chat begins, but the other person doesn’t give a blank; they just want to get rid of me. The person usually just IMs me a long list of the same instructions for whatever problem I’m having–involving changing ports or some complex routine then has never proved helpful. And unless I say “thank you” immediately and sign off, the person disappears, I imagine to “help” other customers, for upwards of twenty minutes, by which time their system disconnects me and I have to start all over with a new customer “support” rep. I’m grateful there are VPN companies, but my experience with customer support has been universally negative once problems arise. I’d pay a LOT more for a reliable service with excellent customer support. The only reason I’m still with PIA is that I cannot find a more reliable service–and I’ve tried Mullvad, BlackVPN, and at least a half dozen others whose names slip my mind. There are always technical issues requiring too much of my time to “fix.” While I’m not a computer technician myself, I’m reasonably competent with computers so don’t find the technical complexities I encounter acceptable.

      All in all, I’d love to leave PIA as soon as I can find a more reliable service, regardless the cost.

      • Brainbuster

        I have the opposite experience with PIA. That’s strange.
        They’ve always been very helpful in the CS chat.

        • Buster, I wouldn’t call it “strange.” We just had different experiences with the same company. Congratulations that you’ve had good luck with PIA. My family used them on two separate occasions, and we had bad luck both times–drastically reduced speeds (different parts of our state), curt technical “support” via chat, always the same lengthy and impotent cut-N-paste fix-it advice that never solved our problems, and an Internet block on VPN disconnect that highjacked our computer so that we eventually had to reformat our hard drive even after following PIA’s instructions on removing their software from our machine. PIA made using the Internet for us unpleasant, and obviated paying for an Internet connection in the first place. Our experience today without them on our machines is a much happier one.

          Hope you continue having good luck with them.

      • Alex

        I am suffering the exact same experience with PIA. My speeds are crap, and they have provided me with nothing but a list of steps to follow that should resolve the issue. None of which actually have.

  23. mull vad sounds good, No logs of anything!

    • Rob, I tried Mullvad about a month ago. It didn’t play nicely with Tunnelblick, and even after I sent their support department 3 messages, I never heard back from them. EVER. I remember trying them (trial membership) about 2 or 3 years back with the same results–would stay connected on my machine (then I used a PC laptop, now I use a MB Pro running latest OSX), and they’d never return any of my messages. Customer support/service is as important an aspect of business to me as the quality of the product. I want help when something goes wrong, and I’d be willing to pay for that. Also, from what I recall, Mullvad has only a very few servers to choose from. That would have been OK with me if they’d just gotten back in touch with me to help me solve the connection issues. I tried them solo & with Tunnelblick. No dice either time.

  24. Ok , just use a Virtual Box with a bridge conection , so you can change MAC and others when you want, than use free VPN’s at least 3, ultrasurf, spotflux, hidemyip at same time, thats must keep you safe, but remember even if you got the best conection ever is gonna be laggy …

  25. Where is perfectprivacy.com it’s one of the worlds best and safe vpn provider and u even dont write a word of it. and cyberghost will give out all the data they have need to be on stink list.

    • Bastard0, I looked up Perfect-Privacy’s pricing, and notice their monthly price, even on a year membership, is many times more than the monthly prices of several competitors who also don’t log (beyond, apparently, what’s necessary–thanks, Mike Wilkerson) and yet appear to offer comparable services. Any idea what justifies the significant (relative) price increase?

      • TYQQMA

        also in their Legal section it states

        “Perfect Privacy will not protect your identity, if you violate the Perfect Privacy Domain Name Registration Terms and Conditions or the Acceptable Use Policy.”

        so they do keep logs of your identity, for legal purposes, not trustworthy…

  26. As previous commenters have pointed out in regards to the AirVPN service provider, they do not store logs of any kind and as anyone with any technical knowledge should know the IP of the connecting computer is required to enable access to those services provided. AirVPN has stated throughout their forums that the connection information is purged once the client disconnects.

    I have cited several forum links below that the AirVPN staff have taken part in to address these issues directly, and even offer tips for creating a ‘partition of trust’ between the company and the user.


    I hope this helps to clear up any confusion as this can be misleading to prospective readers and cause a loss of business for AirVPN.

  27. Ok, so what about a free service, “vpnbook” that runs with the ip in Romania? Does anyone know if they log ips,bandwidth use and on/off times? They change passwords every two weeks and can do something about spam. They seem ok but didn’t make your list. No currency hassles of any kind since they are free on the “basic” service.

    • Panic Moon

      VPNBook is free but we presume monitored, either for marketing data, or for government, or both. Maybe it’s also a non-Tor pool for government to hide some activities, nobody is sure.

      Cryptostorm’s Cryptofree is a 256k service that is 100% free with an exit in Iceland. I have used this for chat and various Tor/I2P adventures, it’s plenty fast enough and stable for that.

  28. Thanks for the article Iburnez.Why using a VPN when you can use a DNS service like UnoTelly? The DNS option is much faster and easier to use.

  29. You can add Toonux.net in the “privacy focused VPN providers”


    They collect only what you give them : your name and email.

    The owner, Bluetouff is a well known journalist on the internet, he has done several papers on internet censorship. Example : reflets.info/freeanouzla-maroc-telecom-tu-es-vraiment-trop-con/

  30. I notice Cyberghost and some other VPN venodrs allow more than one device to be used per VPN account.

    With this in mind, how do Cyberghost (and other providers that claim to keep no logs) monitor how many devices an account holder is using with their account?

    Surely the MAC address or something must be logged somewhere?

    Can we get clarification on this point please?

  31. Hi,

    IPVanish has just come to my notice. Appears to be a free service. Any comments about it?


    • Not free. I’ve been using it for a month and I’m still looking. My speeds are just OK – around 15 mbs without IPVanish, about 9 mbs when IPVanish is running. I also no longer have internet access unless IPVanish is running. To get internet going without IPV I need to delete my NIC from manager and reboot to rediscover the hardware. Is this normal behaviour for a VPN?

      • Alain Litha

        When I connect with Ipvanish and then disconnect, I still have INTERNET access. The issue that I have is that when I connect with IPvanish, my 100mbps goes down the tube when I connect to Malaysia, Signapor, Russia, etc… from the drop down list. The connected speeds are in (ms)… for example, Malaysia connects at 448 (ms) , thus rending my connection almost useless… Frustrated.

        • Congratulations on discovering that the internet has latency the further you go outside your network. You might have 100mbit, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get it at every point on the internet. Its all to do with routing, and some counties have bad routes, purely because they can’t afford peer with as many people as others.

      • Jimmy

        Yes, it’s normal. You have to run a separate computer or a virtual machine in order to have it separate from your “regular” internet.

    • IPVanish is not a free service. You have to pay for it and believe me it is worth to pay for IPVanish services. I have been using it for mmo rpg

  32. Does anybody know about this Chrome Extension
    DotVPN – Free and Secure VPN or the site dotvpn.com/en/ How does it stack up to others on this post?

    • The free version constantly rotates what server you use, whether or not you enable/disable. It’s also hella slow, and if you have something else that runs a proxy, it’ll quit working entirely until you solve the clash issue. Paid wise, it’s cheaper than most others, but I’d have to look at what data they collect.

  33. I personally wouldn’t use Google Chrome if you wish to stay “under the radar”. BTW, CyberGhost allows Paynearme which is another anonymous payment option. Another one that appears to be a great option is hide.me vpn. I second one of the earlier comments about PureVPN being bogus. They require documents to prove who you are when you sign up! They attempt to block all P2P and then delete your account with no refund if you manage to access one.

    • Maria

      PureVPn is not a good choice. I have been using it for 2 months and almost every thing got stuck, their app their client. Then I switched to IPVanish through VPnAnalysis, since now I am very happy with their services specially their gaming servers.

      • Emma Robert

        i don’t think so maria, in fact you had a bad experience so its doesn’t mean that purevpn is bad because, i am using it form last more than 8 months through vpnranks_com and i didn’t find any sort of hurdles. This is also the best vpn for gaming.

  34. I am wondering why IPVanish isn’t on the list? They don’t log, they allow anonymous payments, they own their own Tier-1 Network and they seem to have no problems with torrents (source: http://www.vpntips.com/hidemyass-alternatives/#ipvanish).
    Sure, every VPN provider could potentially access your data and cooperate with law enforcement, IPVanish is no exception. At the end of the day it all broils down to a matter of trust, doesn’t it?

  35. I use VPNcompany.com as they keep no logs.

    • vpncompany.com/logging-policy/

      I like the fact they say they keep no logs and encourage you to use bitcoin. I’ve been using these guys now for 3 months and have done a load of p2p and other stuff and have never had any issue. They seem to allow you to do just about anything as if they don’t care. This is what I want.. freedom to do as I want. The price is really good too and the connections are solid. I run a home seedbox server 24/7 to the London gateway using OpenVPN and it’s hardly ever gone down. I highly recommend these guys.

    • Dave, Dan, did either of you find any consumer reviews on VPNcompany.com before signing up with them? Would you mind sharing why you trust them? Thanks…

    • Guys, I just read a review of VPNCompany (I’m not sure this link will post: http://vpncoupons.com/article/vpncompany-review-fast-and-secure-vpn-service/). According to the author, VPNCompany holds connection logs for 5 days, and the company is based in the USA. At this point, I won’t do business with any VPN company based in the USA again. Good luck with your searches.

  36. I recommend Private Internet Access, great reviews and super fast :)

    • I’ve been a Private Internet Access customer for nearly a year, on multiple machines (Macs, PCs, Android tablets, Ipad), and in multiple cities in the USA. I’ve noticed consistently slower Internet access with PIA, and on contacting their support team, am always given the same “fix it,” which doesn’t help (change ports). And the VPN frequently disconnects from my machines when they sleep. I’m so dissatisfied with them I’m now looking for a new VPN.

  37. Do I have it correct? Start my TOR first, then use IPVanish for my connection to Darknet Websites?

  38. Interesting article, but one that doesn’t bother me too much, living in Asia where other more difficult issues arise, such as blocked access and the continual anti-vpn fight that goes on. Just trying to find a provider that can get me out of the GFWofC is enough of a headache. Many VPN sites are either blocked or refuse connection from my location, and using a VPN to get to them to sign up, means that if the service fails, I cannot get any assistance (since things like email are lost as well as the website).

    So to me, your problems are chicken feed LOL.

    Thanks for the article.

  39. Hello,

    Tell me how Private Internet Access can be trust if their location is in USA. If something really happened they will be forced share data and even servers. The same with CyberGhost with based in Germany ?

  40. And what about VPNSECURE.ME ?
    Can you test them please ?

  41. Anyone use/d or know of connectmine? Got to the homesite and the site looks intentionally blank (it says under construction), so there’s no info online. Got plenty of contact info, prices are reasonable, but a speed test screen shot (in an advert) shows amazing speeds up and down, and yet omits the locations LOL.

    Hope someone can relay good or bad feedback. Thanks

  42. anyone know anything about SwissVPN

  43. ipredator.se

    Just wondering whys Ipredator on the hate list i always thought it was safe?

  44. I’m new to VPN, but I’ve used a free service (privateinternetaccess.com) a few times without problems, although my email won’t work while connected to it. There’s probably a fix for that, but I haven’t looked into it yet. There’s no privacy policy listed on the site and there’s no registration. You simply use the servers and password listed on the site and use your OS to set up the VPN. I may try other VPN’s in the future, but I’ll see how this service works for a while.

  45. Why such articles never mentions Hideninja VPN? It’s a great service!

  46. shadeyou comply with dcma they have stopped my account and they kept a log of what movie I downloaded , warner bros requested them to.

  47. Privateinternetaccess worked well for myself, as far as their logging/compliance who knows. Never got any problems with torrent downloading or anything of the sort. For the people who had ‘slow speeds’ you had to r-e-a-d their FAQ’s to learn of their 3-4 ‘gigabit’ servers that were recommended for faster speeds. Don’t forget, latency will happen if you are not physically located close to the server you pick. You won’t get 100mbit service but it was decent.

  48. I’ve used Private Internet Access for about 3 months. My internet has been turned off twice now for downloading specific torrents (Both times for episodes of 2 different tv shows). Currently looking for a new vpn service.

    • lolduh

      That isn’t the VPN’s fault if you torrent files. It is actually your fault for not researching first! Most clients like uTorrent will actually include your REAL IP ADDRESS in the packet itself and not just the header. Application-level leaks are a serious matter and no VPN (nor TOR) can prevent this!

      That means it will expose you not only with whatever you are transferring via bit-torrent but also associates you with any other activity you are engaged in during that period of time!

      The bit-torrent protocol was specifically designed to be RESILIENT not ANONYMOUS. Do NOT use bit-torrent over VPN or TOR. You are not safe doing so and again… doing so associates your post VPN/TOR IP with your REAL IP… which completely exposes you!

      Here is what you can do! Get a seedbox(much like VPNs do choose carefully one that doesn’t log and takes bitcoin or pre-paid cards etc). The seedbox does the downloading and seeding for you(nice on private trackers that have a ratio requirement) and your computer simply directly downloads from the seedbox thus never exposing your IP address as having downloaded anything.

      Your ISP will thus be none-the-wiser. Connect to the seedbox via VPN if you are extra paranoid, but that probably isn’t necessary.

      If you intend to use bit-torrent without a seedbox, then at least don’t attempt it over VPN or TOR. Also go into your client settings and enable forced protocol encryption and maybe random ports. It won’t protect you much, but at least you will less likely have your ISP interfere with your torrenting (they won’t know what you are sending)

      • THAT is amazingly important advice that I never heard before.

        I am dismayed that I haven’t read it before because I spent hours learning about how VPN’s work and I never saw any warning about the use of torrents. In fact I have seen three articles about recommended “Torrent friendly” VPN’s!

      • dslkjfl

        MPAA shill.

  49. I would like to recommend BadAss.Sx. It is the first VPN provider where you have access to your own log files. So route them to /dev/null or throw them away whenever you want.

  50. Depends on the vpn provider if tool is paid so it is good for a long time and if it is free means there is no good benefits. I am using vpnranks for choosing known vpn tools and trust me it is good.:)

  51. Logs or not, for me speed is more important and I found speeds of HAM and PIA not great, tried few of the smaller VPN providers and ended up with the free trial from monkeyvpn.com which turned out to be much faster, FWIW.

  52. I currently work at ActiVPN company.
    Firstly, we never had a request from authority for a complaint !
    Secondly, logs are not recorded except for a period of 3 days in order to monitor our network only for that.

  53. I don’t know where you got your info but BoxPN claims that they do not log anything. Why are they on the list of bad VPN’s?

  54. wilderssecurity.com/threads/mullvad-just-got-usa-servers.344111/

  55. What about privateinternetaccess.com ?

    good or evil?

    do we need VPNs if there is TOR?


    An extract of a Top Secret appraisal by the National Security Agency (NSA) characterized Tor as “the King of high-secure, low-latency Internet anonymity” with “no contenders for the throne in waiting”,[9] and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology deemed it, with approximately 2.5 million users daily “by far the most popular anonymous internet communication system.” [10]

    donate to those guys running those servers! :)

  56. CryptoStorm = the best VPN service I have ever used. No logging. None. Crypto-currencies accepted. No PII needed. Connections are rock-solid and customer service is great (actually the best service I have ever seen from ANY VPN service). Highly recommended. Enjoy… cryptostorm.is <—<< Check them out.

  57. I use IPVanish. lil higher priced, 8 a month i think? But has never did me wrong, cept every time I use it it adds a Link to net … up to like 80 now…

  58. hide.me best VPN service

  59. What about Netshade for mac. Been a lot of VPN lists lately but NS is never mentioned?

  60. Is IronSocket a good vpn provider?

  61. I read this on a forum, what do you guys think?


    I dunno I’ve looked through your comment, pia seems like a honeypot as most do other VPN’s. I can write anything in my privacy policy, doesn’t mean I abide by it. I like cryptostorm the most but the owner’s past is shady.

  62. what do you think of this statement?

    VPN’s do *NOTHING* to provide anonymity. That’s a very common and dangerous misconception about the technology. What a VPN (Virtual Private Network) does, is provide a path across public infrastructure with a level of confidentiality equal to a private path. This is mainly used for groups of people (companies mostly) that are geographically spread apart but need to operate as a whole, requiring confidential communications links. In the past big companies would get hugely expensive leased lines from a telco to connect their locations. The internet makes this much easier. Communication between points on the globe is already possible by default, the VPN technology just adds a layer of cryptography on top of that to provide confidentiality.

    The VPN crap you see offered on the internet these days does nothing for you really, apart from evading very local law enforcement for content pirates by shifting your connection’s apparent endpoint away from your home and to some VPN provider instead. Useful for evading region-locks on streaming video, but not much else really. You have *NO REASON* to trust any of these providers. The only way a VPN is useful, is if either you or a truly trusted party control both ends.

    For example, I run a VPN between my home and a couple of close friends to exchange digital media and have a resilient online backup scheme amongst ourselves. The outside world, like the NSA, is easily able to see this pattern of traffic flowing between our group. The anonymity of this construct? Damn close to zero. Confidentiality of the information we share? Very high.

    You want anonymity, you use TOR and a number of safe practices while on there. VPN’s won’t help you.———–

  63. TOR has been US government developed from day one. Those using it, should consider EVERY action they take visible to the US government in real time. That doesn’t necessarily defeat the purpose they had in developing it as a free tool to breach the Great fire-Wall of China, but it does make it a worthless tool for folk concerned about keeping their activities from from the prying eyes of the NSA or FBI.

    • Mr. Bear

      So far there has been no proof that they can. They can find a few servers/people (this has been shown to be true + there are publicly published ways how to do it). The ability to monitor the entire network automatically…. many people have claimed it but the proof just isn’t there. Which doesn’t mean it’s impossible but so far this is just a rumor.

      And don’t forget, if we go by the same logic, the internet was developed by the us government too… can they monitor all traffic automatically? They, love to and the nsa is trying but so far, there is no evidence that it is possible.

      Feel free to believe what you want.

  64. can we have is your vpn legit or shit 2015 edition, please? i wish you also estimate f-secure freedome.

  65. IPVanish is the worst payment VPN that I’ve ever try, contantly disconnections with no killswitch or WebRTC protection at all,terrible bad software.. if you are using IPVanish for download torrents when connections down the torrent client still downloading showing your real IP, IPVanish is the best way to drop your many to the garbage.

    Any VPN server file (.opvn) used with the OpenVPN freeware software and some kill-switcher like (VPNcheck pro)it works thousand times better than IPVanish,

    VPNbook is a Interpool-NSA-Private companies honeypot, DO NOT USE IT!

    • M00t

      Seems you’re chatting shite. I use IPVanish client on a mac. It now has a Killswitch and i’ve never had a problem using torrents either. First thing I checked tbh.

      WebRTC is a browser based issue, and nothing to do with your choice of VPN provider.

      • LateralVanguard

        Agreed. You can set IPvanish to change to a different server every 30/60/90 mins or something. Or not enable it at all. I’ve downloaded torrents so fast i was suprised when i saw IPVanish had been left on, after i thought i turned it off.

        The worst i ever endured, was while i was getting to grips with the new updated version of the UI. And then the computor told me IPVanish is disconnecting, then before i even had time to exit what i may, or may not have been doing. my memory is not good. feds hate that. lol. it was bckup on the fastest server it could find, of the 90+ IPVanish servers there are strewn all over every continent, bar Antartica.

        And ive certainly never seen my IP on any torrent file. You must be fuking shit up your end. IPVanishs’ best traits bar all the different server locations is how fast it is, with no disconnections, unless you want to chnge your IP every 30-90mins, for extra protection. The new, not long released version of IPVanisah, is intuitive, easy to understand, and packed with helpful features. If i thought for a second it was anything but the best, as it was the TOP RATED VPN on this VERY SITE, not more than the end of summer.

  66. hide.me for me is one of the best, the only “flaw” is that it requires email for registration, but does not record log, excellent Privacy Policy, accepts BTC, server very fast and stable, and especially is based in Malaysia, which I believe is the safest country for Privacy.

  67. Ok, going to say it again but PIA, and most of the above list of “good” vpn’s should not be trusted.

    My picks are mullvad and airvpn, along with cryptostorm.

    To put it briefly i got pinched a little while back due to a minor glitch in my own opsec that i paid dearly for. The pigs had numerous bits and pieces on me but no clear connection to me actually doing anything naughty. And thanks to mullvad and airvpn, neither of these providers (mullvad and airvpn) rolled over on ANY of the requests, formal demands and subpoenas issued. A wall of deafening silence so to say.

    so take it from someone who knows first hand not some fucking nerd computer geek that mouths off about some fucking privacy policy being “vague” or says fucking mullvad support never got back to them…. yeah whatever asshole, fuck off back to dungeons and dragons cunt

  68. Iron Socket!!!!

  69. Should i use one caz i haven,t all this time,seems to be ok thou i,m only a small peronal buyer

  70. if you want to check vpn, just use them to visit jihad forums and tor drug markets, and if you are followed after that by cops or secret service, VPN provider made fake statement about privacy.
    I used cyberghostvpn but romania is good for NSA and CIA (secret prisons, what to say about spying servers), hide.me looks like better option but…
    I tried but can’t find owners of hide.me and I read somewhere they worked in the past for government, in such case, it is risky to use them, they could work for secret service. incorporation in malaysia (eVenture Ltd) doesn’t mean anything, humans are security problem and not company. they wrote on their site they use google analytics (a small snippet of javascript code is executed within your browser which submits information about the device from which you are connecting such as your browser user-agent, language, screen resolution, referring website, etc. to the Google Analytics service. To enhance your anonymity, hide.me have opted to only allow Google to collect only a portion of the IP address. Google Analytics may also store a web cookie to facilitate the identification of users who revisit the site. If users are concerned with being tracked by Google analytics scripts on hide.me or any other site running Google analytics, we recommend installing a browser add-on which allows you to opt out)…

  71. *** My (bad) experience with PIA ***

    I have used during the last two years VPN services from a quite
    well known player in the market. I decided that I wanted to change
    the VPN service provider since I had the impression that my privacy
    and anonymity was not being guaranteed anymore.

    I decided to go for PIA since there were some good references on the internet. I signed up firstly for a monthly package since I wanted to be sure that service provided fulfilled my expectations.

    Unfortunately I cannot say that I am satisfied with the service since PIA’s VPN still does not work on my DD-WRT router after several E-Mails/chats to/with customer support(9 days so far).

    Technical support is bad since they haven’t really understood that having customers waiting for approx. 6 hours until they get an answer which does not solve any problem at all is not the way
    to go. Neither having an incompetent online chat support which does not even know the kind of support they offer or instead solving issues request customers to send an E-Mail to customer support.

    It doesn’t benefit me at all if I PIA offers privacy, anonymity and great speeds if you cannot even use it ! For sure it is possible to install PIA’s VPN application on windows and most likely it will work. However, if you offer VPN for DD-WRT based routers it must work as well.

    Keeping new customers happy is not so difficult. Just invest some additional time to help them get their VPN running and that it !
    Having another point of comparison I can grade PIA’s customer support as 1 out of 10 (one because they do respond to E-Mail support requests).

    Needless to say that using my current VPN account with my current provider works seamlessly.

  72. sure my name is...fuk off

    Short but sweet. Mullvad is by far at the top. You can just mail them cash with an account number you can create with them using no personal info ..even create it with another vpn through tor if you really want to….then cut and paste your number from newspaper clippings to a piece of paper …lol… then send the cash to their address along with your “clippings…lol.. account number” in an unmarked envelope(no return address) and download the certs(note:- this can be done while you originally create the acc number)… run openvpn or their(mullvads) app if u want or ddwrt or many other methods actually and your about as far as you can be. Bitcoin is not untracable for those who do not know.

    • do u check to see what their app does in your firewall when you connect? i found especially with Earth VPN that they actually download maybe 90MB of data from you everytime you launch their app, very strange! i blocked earthVPN’s autoupdate everytime and never renewed my subscription due to this suspect activity on the firewall. They also have a txt log file which is left on your own PC detailing every connection made, times dates etc etc. so not very good for a company that deals with privacy, surely they would leave the PC logs out of that app they use! there is an option for connecting direct to openVPN but i give up on VPN completely, you are only as safe as your provider and if you don’t know them in person how can you ever be sure regardless of what is written on their website terms they can tell you anything. Let’s hope a safer form of privacy comes along soon.

      Just another note, many people forget even if using VPN’s and TOR if you have cookies in your browser or browser addons google or any of these sites can ID you, you only need to watch a youtube video of visit a website that has a google advert and your instantly exposed! there are so many pitfalls and other ways you can be tracked, sad how the internet has gone, can’t fart without them knowing…

  73. Is ironsocket good?

    • Good. Using it one year. Connections are stable with any server. Many servers they have all around the world. Not sure about logging. Have seen one review indicate they keep 72 hours log. p2p available with many servers. Speed wise no probs. at all – depend how far are you from chosen server. Main con. for me is NO OpevVPN Client provided by them. Community OpenVPN client to be used. Hard to do initial configuration. Hard to “start-up” with Windows Task Scheduler. Not for average user. Might be I am not aware about good OpenVPN client existence. But I did study a lot to find one w/o success.
      Any way I would recommend it to advanced users.
      Also all the features like Smart DNS, Un-blocking Country specific media and etc. are describes on their web site. I do not use anything other than basic internet activity over OpevVPN.
      Support looks like good. No much issues to call support.

  74. Justin (@MichealJustin3)

    VPN’s are legal in most of the countries especially it become atleast legal after NSA and Prism program. Apart from bypassing the restrictions on the internet VPN is all about security and privacy of your internet connection. do let me know one thing, would you use loud speaker on the road to tell your identity to one person, seamingly once you are on the internet, there are hackers, snoopers, evesdroppers and most of all NSA prism to get everything you do and say, in this regards protecting yourself is not a crime. but to some extent using it illegal is a crime.

  75. I like Privatoria VPN, it does not keep logs and lets me pay with Bitcoin privatoria.net/blog/pay-for-vpns-anonymously-with-bitcoin/

  76. If I have to choose one VPN, it would be PureVPN.

    Very much reliable VPN service. Been with them for 5 years.

  77. I used to use FrootVPN. im a limited budget at home. no cable so I would get tv shows from torrents. now frootvpn went money account only. what program would you guys recommend I run so I can be a little safer when I get my tv shows from the interwebs? I was trying sptflux but none of my downloads would download. I just tried OpenVPN but again my torrents aren’t moving. as soon as I disconnect from them. they light up green. but I rather be safe than sorry. I don’t want my isp sending me a letter for getting tv shows.
    I am used to downloading at 400kb max speed. so speed isn’t an issue for me. anonymity is. what would you guys recommend I get? besides a better paying job. haha

    • I’m in exactly the same position, I also used frootVPN up until they closed all free accounts. Their service was great though.
      But I’m thinking either mullvad or nordvpn they seem like the best choice for me.

  78. What about Anonymizer? That’s what I’m using for the sole purpose of disguising my DW activities but just checked their privacy policy and it kind of reads like not a good idea to keep using them?!? Could anyone give their two cents on how this reads? Maybe being a little paranoid but I’d like to know if someone could help :)))) c&p’d this section from their privacy policy:

    “Apart from this, we disclose personal information only when we have a good faith belief that access, use, preservation or disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary to (a) satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or enforceable governmental request, as required by law and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our Web site (b) enforce applicable terms of use or other contract rights, including investigation of potential violations thereof, (c) detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues (including abuse of our products or services by spamming or other abuses of netiquette, and use of our products or services to attack other systems or to gain unauthorized access to any other system) or (d) protect against imminent harm to the rights, property or safety of Anonymizer, our customers or the public.”

  79. if anybody has issues concerning connection making through vpn’s like cyberghost,just download a great freeware software named “windows repair” (download from majorgeeks)run al 6 steps and you’ll see everything works again because windows repair repairs windows settings,one of the best freewares ever

  80. I’m an old non tech person but I’m curious about stuff and pretty private. On the suggestion of my nephew I decided to try a VPN. I just started using (1 month) hide.me VPN.
    But after reading the comments here I’m not sure if I should be using any of them because I don’t have the technical know how to use them “right”. Heck, I can’t even make OpenVPN work with hide.me to try out different countries offerings.
    After reading the comment about using a seedbox.

    I realized I am in WAY over my head.Can’t teach an old dog new tricks so, I’m stopping. *tiptoes quietly away*


  82. What do you all think of disconnect . me?

  83. I used Cyberghost (paid) for 1yr…heard a lot about ipvanish & used the code SUMMERSALE to get 25% off…used it & my speed dropped from 160mb to 60mb at best, some were only 10-20mb. I cancelled during the trial, re-downloaded cyberghost & a speed test on free gave me 60mb The same as paid ipvanish !!.

  84. Bitcoin payment (or any other anonymous payment) will NOT help you if your VPN service keeps IP logs.

    Why not?

    Let’s say a copyright holder (or their agent) traces you during torrent use, and tracks it to address W.X.Y.Z.

    1. They’ll see the address range belongs to the VPN provider and contact them.

    2. If you paid via Bitcoin, the VPN provider won’t have your name/payment details, but IP logging will show that you originally had address A.B.C.D. when they gave you that W.X.Y.Z.

    3. The copyright holder will then see that range A.B.C.D. belongs to a specific ISP.

    4. Just as in step 1 above, the copyright holder will then contact the ISP, who WILL have all your details.

    At best, paying via Bitcoin only adds an extra step. So, beware that if your VPN service keeps an IP to IP log, nothing will truly protect your anonymity.

  85. Last year we had joined spotflux, paid for a year subscription and used for a while the service (less than 4-5 months), until it stopped service and we had never been able to get service anymore.
    More interestingly, recently I had seen they charged me on my credit card, without any notice or confirmation 30 USD! I didt get any of the services, morever I am charged for no service. I strongly criticise, how can they save my credit card details on their system and how can they deduct any amount they desire not feeling any need to ask confirmation? I want them to return back the amount to my credit card and cancel my membership.which is connected to mehmet_tm@hotmail.com mail address

  86. Is avast VPN reliable?

  87. AIR VPN doesn’t work..
    I was logged on and connected to server in Netherland, but I tried to log into gmail and it didn’t recognize my computer because I reset it. Since I don’t remember my secret question i tried to log on thru ipad.

    I got on in ipad and gmail sent me a letter saying someone was logging in from such and such address that address was my accurate IP address and not the rerouted airvpn address.

  88. Could you look into PureVPN as well?

  89. vpn is very important now for any internet user i am use expressvpn from 2 years … it’s great vpn service, very speed and easy to use ….

  90. What about flashrouters?

  91. It is a point that no one has mentioned yet. If you use a vpn to connect to a service that you have used in clear (gmail etc) then you have blown your privacy for that session.
    Each of these services also keeps logs and if you connect to your email and log in you are now tying the 2 IP addresses together and that is not even mentioning the people who know you in RL that also appear in your email list who will certainly be susceptible to rubber hose decription techniques.
    Other places this might also be a problem are things like windows (or even linux) updates.

  92. How in the world is there no mention of IPVanish which is the most used VPN in North America? Whats the full legal stats on them?

  93. Nice article here…I decided to drop my hma to Nordvpn after reading this article but it seems they have few servers available(in France). And their servers have been blocked by few sites I was trying to connect to.Support service is very good though..SO here come another question: shouldn’t you consider number of servers as well to make your review

  94. Hi, Can someone tell me please why you recommend VPN for safety when nsa can crack?


    Which one above, not get cracked??

    Sorry for my bad English.

  95. Is VPNTunnel any good? I’ve been using it for a while, but now I’m questioning it.

  96. is there any information about hotspot shild VPN
    and Sumrando Cybersecurity??

  97. I love this TOR thing. Now I can find the Truth about UFOs and Aliens.

    Gotta go now. My boyfriend is angry because I am on the line with my ex, Bill and my skype is ringing cuz David Wil. is pissed.

  98. And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn. And there were in the same country shepherds abiding in the field, keeping watch over their flock by night. And, lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them: and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. And it came to pass, as the angels were gone away from them into heaven, the shepherds said one to another, Let us now go even unto Bethlehem, and see this thing which is come to pass, which the Lord hath made known unto us. And they came with haste, and found Mary, and Joseph, and the babe lying in a manger. And when they had seen it, they made known abroad the saying which was told them concerning this child. And all they that heard it wondered at those things which were told them by the shepherds. But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart. And the shepherds returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen, as it was told unto them.
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    (Luke 2:7-20)

  100. Torguard seems to have gone downhill the past few weeks with unable to connect and statesbility issues with just about every server, my friends had simular issues.

    Also had isssues with expressvpn with slow downloads.

    So currently with vpn.ac and it seems to be the best vpn so far i have tried and they keep next to no private information that is logged.

  101. Hey,

    Has anyone used SurfEasy before. I’ve been using the free version on my phone and was wondering if anyone else has any recommendations about it

    • Ziad Rida

      I am using it but it does not work like it used to. I have not been able to access website using Surfeasy VPN for months now. It does not seem to be able to resolve host address. Funny thing, problem started as soon as I purchased the 1 year subscription!

      • I am glad I read this, also their privacy policy contradicts itself in different statements on the same page.

        1. Paragraph: “The SurfEasy network is a no-log network. That means, except for the limited exceptions below, we do not collect any information transmitted through our network. More specifically, we do not collect any information regarding the websites you visit or the IP addresses assigned to you when you access the SurfEasy Private Network, and with respect to our VPN service, we do not collect any data stored on or transmitted from your device, including any data that applications on your device may transmit through our network.”

        2. Another Paragraph: “It may become necessary to temporarily maintain usage data to assist in debugging a problem with the service. This usage data may include such information as the date and time of your login and the IP addresses you visited.”

        “We may also collect information such as your name, address, phone number and payment information in connection with your purchase of our products and services. This information is used to fulfill your purchase and to bill you as necessary based on your service plan.”

        3. We may collect and disclose personal information, including your usage data, to governmental authorities or agencies, including law enforcement agencies, at their request or pursuant to a court order, subpoena or other legal process, if there is a good faith belief that such collection or disclosure is required by law

        Basically they do not have any real privacy, just on a surface

        • how do we know if our usage data is given to governmental authorities or agencies, including law enforcement agencies, at their request or pursuant to a court order, subpoena or other legal process.
          What process do we have to help us (the client) to acquire knowledge of such event happening behind our back…is in it a form of wiretapping???
          in which case it is an illegal action from any parties that are legal or illegal in nature…
          keeping track and tap-wire of any kinds,and i mean the word ‘ANY’ of its kind is illegal in the entire Canadian land east to west north to south.
          It is a federal LAW!!
          one can refer to bill c16 if my memory serve m right…look it up your self here is the link to The Evolution of Human
          Rights in Canada


          and if you like to know what you are about to loose as a Canadian ….here is the Bill C-16..


          so again i’m asking with blindness and stupid written all over my forehead,no really…
          To whom maybe able to answer my questions on how would one go about to find out if its personnel data usage is under scrutineer.
          **as a foot note…let me add that identity theft is a very present concern in our everyday internet where about even with antivirus and anti-malware that frankly if you ask me …the certificate of trust is quite often bogus and too often **PAST** its expiration days… go look your self in your own computer ….i hope i woke up a few stealth bezy computer leaders out there cause we sure can use some help in those departments if you ask me? and what if someone was posing as one of us and doing illegal actions
          how do we protect our self from …well…let me check my certifications of trust…..hmmm all side i guess!!

          p.s. sorrey for my typo and miss spellings and thank you for reading or forwarding this the the proper experts

          Thank you,

  102. Private Internet Access may be in USA but they keep no logs.

    Doesn’t this mean they have nothing to provide to the NSA or with DMCA?

    Nothing to worry about right?

    • @HUNK MACOI, yeah, pretty much comes down to “they can’t share what they don’t have”, according to their FAQ “we don’t keep any logs of any kind, period.”. Whether you choose to believe that or not is up to you. But I will say, false advertisement is a pretty good way to guarantee your business fails, word of mouth, ESPECIALLY in the age of social media can be the kiss of death, and investors tend to not back companies that shoot themselves in the foot. So regardless of comments above e.g. “they can say anything, blah blah blah” etc, I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet they’re on the level. They’re in the US, so to that extent, they have to cooperate with LE, there are, however, no data retention laws in the US, https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/blog/2013/11/do-vpns-fall-under-the-data-retention-requirements-of-the-stored-communications-act/ , so again, they can’t share what they don’t have.

      Taking latency into account I get pretty decent speeds, the only annoying thing is they seem to think Ubuntu is the only Linux distro out there, so “tech support” for me, is essentially non-existent.In OpenSuse I have to manually configure openvpn and connect from a terminal, because their app won’t work, but it’s not too horrible, just add –daemon argument and you’re good to go. Other than that, connection’s been up for a week or two presently, no interruptions, so I dunno, for 7 bucks it’s ok, ya ask me, but I don’t approach these things expecting miracles either. :)

  103. Most of you need to realize that if you use a VPN you are going to experience a loss in internet speed. You’re never going to get your 100mbps connection through a VPN. You are going to be limited to the speed of the server you connect with, and your ping times with that. It takes time to bounce your connection around…

  104. Are there any experiences with hide.me?

    • oompaloompa

      IHMO – Just stay away. During trial period was all ok.
      Then I subscribed a Plus plan to circumvent the bittorrent ISP throttle, unbearable considering the band I pay for (0.1 – 8kB vs. 10Mbit).
      Well, continuous disconnections, torrent client disconnecting after 1 or 2 ours, and bandwidth that peaks very rarely to a reasonable speed.
      Also, at getipintel.net servers seem to be marked / banned. I sadly suspect that this is for most if not all VPN servers.
      Actually, I agree with the last part of core title: SHIT.

    • EDIT: Ref: Hide.me

      I don’t belive it’s safe atm. I trialled it a few days ago.
      I got DNS leaks from just touching the client with my mouse. It’s buggy so not safe.

  105. I don’t belive it’s safe atm. I trialled it a few days ago.
    I got DNS leaks from just touching the client with my mouse. It’s buggy so not safe.

  106. Worth a butchers:

  107. any views about Ivacy VPN?

  108. SKIBBZ, I really hope your not suggesting privatepipe, the permissions list alone scares the hell out of me, location, stick broad casts, photos?

  109. I would not recommend NordVPN. Trying to connect is worse odds than flipping a coin. Constantly dropping connections when trying to connect even after turning off my windows defender…I just started using them in October 2015 and I am stuck with their unreliable service until next October. I am definitely not renewing..

  110. I simply don’t trust AirVPN. They require you to give your email, create a username and password before you can pay for their service and there is no cash payment option provided.

    What I would recommend is creating your own VPN on a WRT powered router and if you still need a third party VPN, I recommend chaining it with Cryptostorm.

    • Geees, just use an encrypted email like safe-mail.net and who cares about a username and password.

    • ecadre

      Actually, AirVPN do not require a valid email address.

      Your comment about cash is ridiculous, a kind of straw man argument … they also don’t accept smarties round the back of the bike sheds.

      AirVPN do, however, accept a myriad of different payments systems including just about any “crypto-currency” you can think of.

  111. What about JonDonym? Any comments?

  112. It is so funny that all are thinking when they do not log that they are safe. Maybe the VPN provider will not log, but at least the ISP will always log the traffic. They can maybe not see the right connection, but it is much simpler to trace 100 IP’s than when they have no information.

  113. The VPN services are hiding a lot and the main part is the storing logs so guys beware of that as well

  114. It’s funny how my favorite VPN- “AIRVPN” is on the bad list. I’ve been using it since 6 months and it’s awesome. One more thing I liked about Airvpn is the fact they provide quick support via their forums. I previously was using PIA and their support totally sucked.

    • ecadre

      AirVPN are on the “bad” list because the “journalist” doesn’t know what they are talking about.

      AirVPN do not log IPs, they simply (and correctly) mention that a server would need to know your IP address whilst you are connected to it. It would literally be impossible for a VPN server operate without knowing an IP address to route to.

      Incidentally, you can connect to AirVPN using Tor if you wish, they even tell you how and configure their systems to make it work correctly.

  115. Have never had issues with Hotspot Shield but do they actually store logs of visited websites? I have heard they store logs of IP addresses…

  116. Why hasn’t IVPN implemented Anonymous Tokens? Cryptostorm has done this. There’s no reason for them not to do this and as of right now, they haven’t which makes me incredibly eery about their service. Not really good for anonymity.

  117. My Take on the Several I have tried:

    BufferedVPN: (Hungary) great service, dependable, avg speeds however they have since removed Bitcoin payment (was always a PITA to get to work decently anyways) was my fav until this)

    VPN.AC: (Romania) Slow speeds except on U.S West Coast Server

    Cyberghost: (Romania) solid service, however their malware and adblocking reeks of network interference and could be a cause for concern, lots of abuse via free service

    Mullvad: (Sweden) Zero Information needed for signup, avg speeds but tiny server choices and sometimes difficult to connect to any server

    AirVPN: (Italy) good solid service, needs a few more countries added to the list however, seems very privacy oriented, takes a stand against ICANN, Verisign, etc

    Proxy.sh (Unknown) slightly below avg speeds, snitched on a user by using wireshark on their own network

    ExpressVPN: Just signed up to test it, however on the receipt after signing up, noticed Corporate headquarters are U.S located!

  118. is ipvanish any good as ddw has it listed as number 1 on there chart but i cannot see any comments about them

  119. I’ve personally not used ipvanish, though I’ve heard the speeds are quite good, etc. for me personally the “glitch” is that it’s a U.S based service no?

  120. for vpn from a professional view simple things but if we came to serious and illegal things carding cashout vpn + proxy or just vip72 recommended

  121. Newshosting one of the best Newsreaders out there, now has a VPN as well. They say they keep no logs.

    Any review on that VPN service?

  122. Pick a vpn in a big country hostile to your government. Even if they keep logs they wont cooperate just to fuck with your country.

    Use a prepaid lte dongle to connect.

  123. I’ve been looking for actually a good VPN service that is not based in the US, UK, or Australia, for known reasons. It was kind of a hassle to find one, find VPNTOAST.

  124. Very useful article, thank you. It’s better to use a trial version at first and if you use anonymizer then check its efficiency in percentage rate with the help of free services. For example, here vpn test https://2ip.io/privacy/. Don’t be lazzy to check the VPN efficiency before paying for the full and long-term package of services.

  125. How good is VIP72?

  126. DO NOT TRUST THIS WEBSITE. I have independently verified some of their claims in the “list of VPN’s that share your info, or are DMCA compliant… Just visit the websites of the services listed and ask if they are in the USA. Like ExpressVPN – They are NOT in the USA like this website stated, and they used shared IPs so they can’t even track yours. They also do not collect when you use their service, or how much data you use. WEBSITES LIKE “Top 10” services, and even ones like this website are getting kickbacks to promote certain services. TEST THEM YOURSELF AND RESEARCH THEM YOURSELF. Even if you have to pay for several trials – isn’t your security worth it? Can’t wait to see if this website deletes my comment. It will just reaffirm my statement.

  127. Though this option might be tricky for some folks, it is possible to setup your own VPN server on a cloud service like Digital Ocean or Amazon AWS on Ubuntu or CentOS linux server. The server & client software is called OpenVPN. Digital Ocean has a few tutorials on how to do this. A VM with 512MB of memory is sufficient. You should take extra precautions to harden the server. I use it when at cafe’s mostly. You never know if a publicly shared wifi is running a proxy that captures everything that passes by.

  128. Hi i am new to VPN,s people say do not use Google Chrome if you want to stay anonymous on the internet, my question is if you are using a VPN, why would you not be anonymous? when using Google Chrome? Lee

  129. idiots…use cracked hotspot shield… :rollseyes:

  130. I love PIA. I’m using it right now. It’s extremely fast and they allow P2P to your heart’s content. I HIGHLY recommend them. I also purchased my PIA year access using Bitcoin which is another HUGE benefit. I’m like a fucking Internet ninja ghost.

  131. Nordvpn has been great. Avoid HMA absolutely worst, tech support is a joke and if a company needs good techs its them cause their programmers put out crappy beta versions as bullet-proof.

  132. As the ISP (or the NSA)can see that you use a vpn, is it possible that you get automatically blacklisted and even if you don’t do anything illegal you draw the attention only by using a vpn?

    • It seems unlikely because businesses routinely use VPN for security. The NSA wouldn’t have the resources to analyse every VPN user.

      According to the Edward Snowden documents, accessing Tor and Tails are more likely to flag you on the intelligence agencies systems.

  133. According to the documents leaked by Edward Snowden, the NSA and GCHQ can compromise VPN with relative ease, so if you are up to serious mischief, then you need to consider alternatives.

    Do a Google search for the De Spiegel article “Inside the NSA’s War on Internet Security”, and you’ll get more info there.

    I use an anonymous VPN for general security in the same way people have an alarm on their house. I know it won’t make the house impenetrable, but it just gives another layer of security on top of the locks and security lights, and will deter the casual prowler.

    In terms of anonymous VPN providers, I have tried a few. I have used TorGuard and found the customer service excellent, and altogether a first class service. My concern with them is that they are located in a US territory, so in the NSAs back yard.

    I recently switched to BlackVPN as they are located in Hong Kong. So far so good, but it’s too soon to give a verdict.

    I also tried VikingVPN and Private Internet Access. Viking had quite slow and unreliable connection speeds, and with PIA I kept getting CloudFlare captcha requests.

  134. Is orbot and orfox good for VPN and tor?

    • ukdrugsc

      Yes it is and very trusted. It comes with the Tor install package from the official sites. It allows bridging through Amazon etc.

  135. “If someone tells you ‘you will be completely anonymous, [because] you’ll have VPN running all the time’, that’s a lie.” -> SpiderOak, VPN, privacy and anonymity

    “…you have absolutely no way to know for sure how safe a “No logs” claim really is. Trusting your life to a no logs VPN service it is like gambling with your life in the Russian roulette.” -> Wipe Your Data, “No logs” EarthVPN user arrested after police finds logs

    Those “good” and “bad” vpn rankings are simply bullshit, yep. I’ve found mine and I couldn’t be more satisfied :)

    chupacabra gringos

    • LateralVanguard

      I use IPVanish, which isn’t that expensive. Has a great UI, and the only reason i am even using it is because THIS SITE claimed it was the #1 VPN for the DN.

      I’ve found no fault with it. My door is still on its hinges after a short while of exploring the DNMs’. 6 months i’ve used it, 5 of them on the paid version. Which does offer alot of servers, and it’s quick as racehorse. I’ve downloaded bluray films in 1080p in less than 2 hours, with as little as few seeders, somewhere in the high 80s or 90s. I cant recall exactly, it’s not something i take much notice of unless there are so few, it will always be stop/start, with never a steady consistent core group of seeders. Or it makes me believe the film’s shit, or bunghali.

      I didn’t even realise that i had left the VPN on until after seeing it had DL’d. But i tend to stick to servers closer to home, when downloading torrents. They are almost nearly the fastest, and IPVanish kindly provides you the information to see which is fastest on a given day/night.

      When i searched on Chrome at regular tech mags, i’d rather not say any for fear of giving away my location. They recommened ExpressVPN as the #1 VPN. There is no free trial, you put up, or shut up. IPVanish was a lowly 6th, 7th, 4th, 5th at various places, but always middling, and not standing out for much bar their number of servers, and they don’t keep logs.

      Perhaps rashly on my part, i’ve used TunnelBear, before i signed up with IPVanish for 3 months again. So it’s perhaps as much down to luck, whether that door ever flies off the hinges, and what level your DN involvement goes. Joe Bloggs over here likes to buy abit of old skool handrubbed charas, from the Himalayan foothills, or some head buzzy maroc or leb sativas looking like chocolate cake, and smelling of . Or perhaps he likes to sell kilos of Heroin & Cocaine, and should perhaps do alot more research than the vast majority of us here ever did. But i suppose, if you’re into that game, you’re pretty on point with security, or you’d be in a maximum security fedeeral prison, or even, the black hole of Calcutta, or better yet, the prison they escpaed from in south america in prison break.

      My love is for the people that actually do many of these things, outta sheer will to spread the love. But you’ll usually only find them on hidden forums, needing a sponsor, sometimes two, to vouch for your credibility. I learnt that on the old weed forums. I was growing bck in the 2000s for 8yrs, had 2 4.5m x 1.5m grow tents with electronic adjustable ballasts, cranking an extra 10% lumens out of 16 inline aircooled reflectors. and a 1.2m x1.2m veg tent. And a variety of smaller veg areas, and propergation areas. It took me so long to build up all that equipment, that when my ex missus grassed me up after i left her, i not only lost 1 of the flower tents, ripened like a plant only something like the pyschodiesel cutting could, FFA 1 of my all time top puffs, C.Gold x Lowryder, Seni NL#5. My favourite smoke. Hash Plant, NL#5xHaze and Jack Herer, two of my other alltime top 5. And just for my amusement, as i lost thousands alot of BTC i’ll call it. I’ll tell you my other 2 favourite smokes of alltime, the original bubba kush, not the fire cut which i grew, or the white, or the other one of 3. The proper deal, i was lucky enough to score a Q of when i was back swapping cuttings and seeds, learning tricks and tips on how to dial in a grow, then give each plant a seperate feeding schedule because some would eat the flies off shit. sweetseeds afghani was one of em, or bve like a hzy pheno and not eat much at all. They had me bang to rights. but i was always very careful about it. I used the top of the range rhino filters, accoustic ducting. thermo/humidity sesors connected to the fans, so as to always maintain negative air pressure, within the tent. You want those sides sucking in a little, so you know there are no leaks. but i was a plankj, as i kept detailed logs of every grow i ever did, after my 3rd crop. didnt keep scales or baggies at the house, but they did find some of my old logs, which proved id been at it alot longer than i would of liked them to believe.

      And remember, yahoo, biung, google. they are you enemy. go get duckduckgo right now as your search engine. Yahoo are fukiun bitch fraggle grassing cunts, and all the big social media shit is. They dont want you to have any control. because then they’d have less. They dnt wnt you have cryptocurrency because they cant manipulate and corrupt for profit this currency. the world is waking up, but adly, it may already be too late. everybit of data that flows thgrough fibreoptic cables under the sea to give us internet, has to make landfall somewhere. and guess who’s right thgere to meet it? answers on a piece of dirty shit paper.

      But i digress. My final alltime smojke is the cali orange bud cut i had sent from a guy on one of them forums. i loved that shit. chemdawg i had was average, ukcheese got old quick. psychosis was a much better exodus cut. and the moma to pschodiesel. HUGE yielder.

      I’ll still never forget heath_robinsons 32ounce chronic grow, in a DWC, using only cann a n b and canna pk 13-14, and a little rhizo i think at start. under a 1000watt hps. EPIC!!!!!

      So the forums are where the real security is at, especially with a vpn and pgp added ontop. Now which way are they?

  136. The big truth of this article lies in the sentence ‘Nobody will go to jail for you’. Regardless of what the companies say, if enough resources are thrown at the problem and the law comes looking for you, they can find you. It takes only one slip and VPN is merely a small piece of the puzzle. The best you can hope for in VPN-land is to slow them down or have them decide that the benefits of grabbing you don’t outweigh the effort. Pick a VPN provider with a good reputation and with servers which they own themselves. Both provider and servers need to physically be in a jurisdiction with which the place where you live doesn’t have LE exchange of info agreements (which is hard enough). Forget ANYTHING based in the US or the EU if you live in either (all the big fans of Mullvad have obviously never read the complete SE legislation). Access ONLY those servers. The darker you go, the harder the going gets, mostly in terms of your own usage comfort.

  137. But after reading the comments here I’m not sure if I should be using any of them because I don’t have the technical know how to use them “right”. Heck, I can’t even make OpenVPN work with hide.me to try out different countries offerings.

  138. What do you guys think of PureVPN? Thats what ive been using for almost 2 years and works great but i just want to make sure its not logging any info

    • Hi Mike, I am not sure if PureVPN logs user info. What I knew is that it really lags. I only had it for three months including a free trial. My experience was not great so I switched to Astrill. So far so good and I’d been with them for 18 months now.

  139. Is Hotspot Shield any good?

    • Carol Madsen

      I’d say just to Astrill Bing Bong. I tried their free trial first and it works fine so I decided to get their service and it is okay.

    • Riza Dangsil

      Hotspot Shield is a pretty lame choice. Go for Astrill. They have been around for years now and I can pretty rely on them.

  140. does anyone know anything about PureVPN, they say they do not keep any data logs of my tor browsing, but now reading this you have shit me up . Shall I cancel Pure VPN and go for one of the ones in the top ten listed above

    • William

      I don’t find PureVPN reliable at all. Me and my friends are using Astrill works like a charm. they do not respond to DMCA and does not log confirmed by their support. I don’t know why it’s not listed above but definitely a must-try too.

  141. Use TunnelBear VPN and if you tweet about how good they are they will give you an extra 1 GB free!

  142. To the author “IBURNEZ”, your article is informative but outdated and you might wanna research again sir. There’s no mention of Pure vpn, CyberGhost or Anonymizer vpn, all three promise to keep no logs however, WILL BE powerless and cooperative when police show up with a warrant from the court (I’m not making this up, it’s in their privacy policy, go read it), so their goes your privacy or anonymity!

    Actually my allergic reaction is caused by ExpressVPN (based in British Virgin Islands) being on the list of “log collectors”. I don’t know what they were thinking or doing when this article was written, but as I type this (and I just checked their website) I can comfortably argue that ExpressVPN has a strict NO LOGGING POLICY!. On top of that, their privacy policy section doesn’t even mention sharing customers’ activity with police, when presented with a court order. So may I ask where you got your facts about ExpessVPN collecting logs from?

    • Luther E. Bradley

      Actually ALL VPN services will be powerless against the court, but good remark.

      And I agree with you about this article. There should be no reason to be worried about those three vpn services being “powerless” against the court, because there is no such thing as full privacy. Even if you’re an exclusive member within the vpn services, your information will be stored no matter what. VPN services are nothing compared to a multi-billion facility. Should the client-side do something sketchy, then something like structured analysis would occur and problems occur.

      Everyone this is computer science knowledge. This whole anonymous VPN aspect is basically the black market. Let’s say you can’t buy that one thing you really want, but you’d get in trouble if people knew you’d bought it. So you go to the black market to buy that one item…however the government is aware of this black market and if they want to investigate you- they are going to find you.

      I would say that their encryptions are fairly formidable and safe for everyone to use, so the paid services are good for private chats or something innocent. Free vpn services is dangerous…it’s like someone asking you to do something for free…wouldn’t you put more effort if they paid you? The vpn services don’t let you know if your account would be protected if you got it for free or paid so the customer is confused on which one it is, leading to the question “Is my CPN safe”

      So the whole “free” vpn…I personally would stay away from. If you want to have private chats or restricted websites that are blocked like facebook or youtube, then go for it. But try not to use it frequently cause that’ll cause a lot of traffic, which would raise some concern. I mean if you think about it everyone is using vpn and no one will be constantly looking at your computer or tcp gonna be tracked..they don’t have time. But their encryption is legit so use it! My opinion…only difference in vpn is the price and speed…there are lots of encryptions and they are equally strong so don’t worry about that!

    • A no-logs policy would mean data would not be there when the authorities come to collect it. That’s only possible if you’re not based in the US (not sure about the UK) because at least USA requires providers registered in and operating from US to produce it whenever there’s need. I can cite ivacy’s example in this case where because no logs are kept since it’s based in Singapore, there will be nothing to produce when any authority demands it. Of course, i don’t think it should take off all the ethical liabilities on the user’s end and make him free to access forbidden stuff and something that can actually mean downtime.

  143. After reading all the comments and queries, i have came to a decision that we all must use VPN for our own safety. Previously the security thread was the hackers and dark web users. But now the government is interested in tracking us. Not only the US but also Australian government.
    I am using ivacy vpn for 11 months. its cheap and its good. i would suggest you guyz to try it out as it offer money back guarantee in two weeks i think. It your financial and personal security in the end and you are responsible for it . Make a wise decision by choosing the write VPN.
    PS i you find some thing cheap plz let me know..

  144. anyone have experience/thoughts on VPN Unlimited?

  145. Betternet User

    I’ve been using Betternet for a couple of years now and have been really happy with them.

    According to the ‘Web Surfing’ section of their privacy policy , they “[do] not collect, log, store, share any identifiable personal information of Users.”

    They do, however, say that they “may collect the connection times to [their] Service and the total amount of data transferred per day.”, stating their reasoning for this as a way “to be able to deliver the best possible network experience to you.”


    Betternet is a VPN that doesn’t collect, log, store, or share any identifiable user information, but they may log connection times and amount of bandwidth used.

  146. I am on my first 2 weeks(i bought a 3 month sub to test run Astrill)and it was working flawless

  147. VPN mean freedom

  148. fear no man thing

    What’s the anonymity of free vpn turbo vpn.
    seems to be fine but i have my doubts.
    Any advice please. Have tunnel bear aswel buT data ran out.

  149. Well everyone here if you answer it would be greatly appreciated . I no how to be anonymous on my computer but not on my phone .
    My computer is in for repair and I can’t wait so long .can anyone find out what tthe best and cheapest credit card printer will cost .and where I could aquire one anonymously or just aquire it . It does not matter

  150. A clever Golly-Wog

    Use a mixture of protocols, methods and from several providers. Use anonymous payments where possible. You can make it VERY hard to be tracked. NEVER use dedicated servers, use the SHARED option and better, one with ONE IP address. All traffic from all customers is routed through that. If it is caught, multiple datasets from multiple IPs and you cant make heads or tails of where exactly it came from.

    If you can get SSH, use that with your OpenVPN. Use 2-3 cascaded servers if you want to be more secure and preferably from different operators or via different multiple accounts. Use anonymous proxies aswell before hitting TOR.

    Remember your operating environment. Prevent all the logging on Windows, page files etc etc. So long as your not a real slime, nothing too much to worry about. Most of us wont need all this security. A modest setup would suffice. But yes you can really beef it up. Even multiple virtual windows, more vpn accounts. End of the day, you could have say 20 VPN connections all at once from 5 providers. This all being run on both normal and virtual environments. SSH also used at both. Proxys used to connect into TOR. Becomes so difficult to be monitored effectively.


  151. James Mccreary IV

    NordVPN is from James Mccreary IV a informant from the LE.

  152. Nord vpn is a good service provider.

  153. Vafancull aha ah

  154. need a free vpn with no ads unlimited bandwidth no time limit

  155. i think vpn premium PureVPn is not a good choice. I have been using it for 2 months and almost every thing got stuck, their app their client

    • Peter Boldt

      I have used PureVPN for a while, and there was huge problem with some servers (Hungary and Germany) that was to slowe or even offline.
      Have changed to residentialinternetaccess.com and am now happy. Thay have more exit nodes and are not blacklisted as VPN provider on gambling sites.

  156. F-secure Freedom, buy from shop with cash, no need to register. F-secure Safe to use on your computer, there should be no backdoor.

  157. I use NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Both are good VPN but in Nord, I got the issue about internet speed but in Express I didn’t. That’s why my opinion Express is the best and fast VPN I read the ExpressVPN reviews via ReviewsDir and know it is the best VPN service.

  158. Check CyberGhost. Doesn’t keep logs, and the information that is used is kept on Romanian servers: ie one of the few countries that doesn’t follow US or UK court orders to release information.

  159. What of ProtonVPN?

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