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Agora Vendor ‘No Stress’ Sentenced to Nine Years in Prison

The United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, Benjamin G. Greenberg, announced that U.S. District Judge Ursula M. Ungaro had sentenced a 46-year-old California man to nine years in prison for drug distribution and money laundering. According to the U.S. Attorney and unsealed court documents, the convicted drug dealer had been selling controlled substances on several darknet marketplaces and to at least two undercover federal agents.

Adam Lemar Miles, formerly of Riverside, California, pleaded guilty to three counts of the distribution of controlled substances, one count of conspiracy to launder money, and one count of conspiracy to distribute controlled substances. Miles pleaded guilty to committing these crimes under the darknet vendor handles “NoStress,” “NoStressDream,” and “NoStressNucleus.” The first username was indeed only on Agora. The other two were used on Dream and Nucleus, respectively.

Special Agents of the United States Drug Enforcement Administration investigated Miles in 2015. Court documents indicated that the agents from the Miami Field Office had targeted Miles in the same set of investigations that led to the captures and later prosecutions of dozens of darknet opioid and opiate vendors. Florida DEA agents have investigated and identified more darknet vendors than some law enforcement agencies combined.

However, as reflected by numerous darknet vendors brought to court due to a DEA investigation, the majority of the vendors investigated by the DEA have been fentanyl or heroin vendors. Not all have been opiate vendors, of course. But the DEA Special Agents in Florida paid special attention to opiate vendors between 2015 and 2017. Miles, under NoStress and the NoStress variants, sold primarily methamphetamine, cocaine, and hydrocodone.

The court documents did not reveal why the DEA had targeted Miles. They had very little difficulty identifying Miles and connecting the three NoStress accounts mentioned in the indictment and later in the proffer. The accounts shared a PGP key. Law enforcement made three undercover purchases. They purchased methamphetamine all three times.

However, the DEA in Florida opened their second package and discovered 11 Hydrocodone pills instead of 14 grams of methamphetamine. They sent the pills to a DEA lab where the DEA analyzed the pills. According to information from the proffer, DEA analysts found Miles’ fingerprint on at least one pill. Additionally, with help from the United States Postal Inspection Service, agents learned that the postage on both packages had originated from a single Post Office in California.

Agents reached out to the vendor, mentioned the pill mishap, and ordered another package of methamphetamine. After accepting the order, investigators in California photographed Miles at the Post Office when he had dropped off the package. They raided his Riverside home, seized methamphetamine, hydrocodone, cocaine, guns, and a laptop. The laptop contained incriminating information that connected Miles to the vendor accounts and also to a LocalBitcoins account where he had been exchanging Bitcoin for cash.

Miles pleaded guilty to crimes method above in exchange for a lighter sentence. His agreement requires future cooperation in darknet cases conducted by the DEA. After his release from prison, Miles will spend another four years on supervised release.

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